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Franklin Collection Service / Terrible experience

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Back in June, we had our telephone service with Bell South (now AT&T) shut off at our request due to the fact that Bell South/ AT&T did not hold up to their pricing plan on a triple services (phone, internet and satellite TV) and we found that we could obtain the same services through our cable company for more than $70 a month cheaper. AT&T billed us for phone and internet here in FL and we received a separate bill (but one that was supposed to be 'discounted' from being an AT&T Triple Plan subscriber.) We had our services shut off 8 days into the June billing cycle. We were told that we would receive an adjusted bill for only the days of service which we had used. Let's not mention that the Satellite TV company soaked us for a few hundred dollars for breaking our 'two year contract' which no one ever mentioned that we had when they installed. SBC who we had done business with in the past never did that!

Anyway, I get a bill for AT&T for June's billing cycle, and it is about $120, exactly what it was for a full month's service the month before...including the taxes. I call and they tell me that they will send me a corrected bill which will be pro-rated. I get the new bill, and it is only $8 less than the original one. I asked them how is this pro-rated? I told the rep that I wanted it fixed properly, and she told me that was as good as I was going to get...As you see, if you cancel your service with AT& don't get 'bundle' pricing anymore, you have to pay 'full price'. Full price which was something ridiculous like $42.95 for internet service for one month...and not the $19.95 we signed up for. I contacted AT&T by mail informing them that I was contesting their billing, and that I wanted it properly corrected.

In response, I got a collection notice from Franklin Collection Service. I wrote to them once explaining that we did not have the phone shut off for non-payment but that we had asked for the service to be terminated due to their overcharging us, and that since they (AT&T) apparently still wants to make a buck off us, that we are not going to pay the bill until they(AT&T) fix it. I let them know that I will take care of the matter with AT&T personally and for them to cease and desist from sending further notification about this account.

I got a nice little card in the mail after the cease and desist letter. It wants me or my husband to fill it out and mail it back stating who are employers are and what assets we have. The only place that went was in the paper shredder.

This was such an easy thing to fix...If they had said Oh, hey $50 I would have said great and paid it in a second.I refuse to pay for services for the duration of the month which I did not have. And to make AT&T's way of doing business even more cable company who we got our triple plan with currently does not have a contract of any sort, it is one bill, one flat fee every month, about $70 cheaper, and we had our service from the 9th of June until August 1st, when ou first bill was due...for free! That is how you win and KEEP customers!

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  • Ja
      17th of May, 2011
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    I had almost the same experience with AT&T as Ann posted in 2008. I paid AT&T what I thought was a 'fair' amount due for my disputed final phone bill, but they billed me a $162+ balance which was from their allegedly 'unbundling' my alleged 'bundle' & charging me something like 30 cents a minute when I was taken off my 'bundle'. My remittance was signed on the back of the check "payment in full for ...". AT&T didn't deposit the check. They deposited the CHECK AMOUNT, using the bank info on the check. I guess that is so they can say they never saw or agreed to what was written on the back. Eventually, Franklin Collection Services, Inc. (FCSI) sent me a collection letter, & I have corresponded with them. I have just received (5/16/11) what might be a final notice from FCSI, advising that my jurisdiction (Indian River County, Florida) may allow a civil suit to be filed against me. I do not have a copy of the canceled check but did make a copy of the front and back before I mailed it to AT&T. I will not allow AT&T or FCSI to bully or harass me. I also think AT&T was upset that I went with my cable company, after experiencing four (4) modem problems which made me cancel my Internet service with AT&T! I had a problem around 36 years ago with Southern Bell (aka Bell South, aka AT&T). Hopefully, that letter is still in my files, since it shows what a shameful way they did business back then! I received quite an apology, which will be shown if I ever had to go to court for the money allegedly due AT&T now.

    Since approximately September 2010, I have had phone, Internet and cable through my cable company at LESS than what my phone bill should have been with AT&T. It's eight (8) months later, and I have not had one problem with any of the services provided by my cable company!

    Long live the cable company!!!

  • Je
      23rd of Jul, 2012
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    I was the victim of an assault in 2007, i was shot in the leg. this injury caused me to lose my job. I also had to spend time in the hospital which resulted in a large bill, the man who shot me was finally prosecuted in 2012. i called franklin services four times trying to get them to send me a bill or any paperwork showing the debt that was owed so i could present it to the court in which case the man who shot me would be responsible for payment. after trying to contact franklin services many times and being told it was being sent to me i was told after calling roughly a month later that was a lie! probably to get me off the phone, i never thought it would be this hard to pay a debt and put this behind me!! especially considering that im referring to debt collectors. can i please settle this debt already. the number i called was 1800 262 7590 i hope this helps you find your liar. without a bill i must go to court on august 2nd without any proof as to the amount owed which will leave the debt forever unpaid. I take my job very seriously all i ask is people do the same. And for debt collectors these people are horrible at collecting debts! they obviously assume that people try to get out of paying there bills even when i was trying to explain the details remember im a victim in this matter/ can i please have this debt and entire matter be a part of my past

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