Franklin Aviation AcademyHarassment


My both the son were very much interested in becoming a pilot, but due to the time of my elder son I was not able to pay the fees and therefore dropped out, now my younger son insisted on it and we tried hard to pay the fees. The company claimed to train for Professional Pilot Program in one year. We took out a student loan to pay for the program $40, 000 which the school required all up-front. After nine months, my son was not even through the first part of the training due to constantly changing instructors that kept canceling scheduled flying lessons. All of this was extremely frustrating. This went on quiet often and we were very harassed. We thought of withdrawing from the course and asked for the refund partly. They admitted they owed us over $13, 000 for a refund. 18 months later we have not seen a dime, not has our student loan been credited. We have obtained legal counsel and filed a suit. They agreed to the settlement, but again when it came time to pay up, nothing. Think twice before going to this company is a scam; they take your full money and never complete the training.

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