Franklin American MortgagaNot updaing the three credit reporting groups

Back in July of 2013 I had to file a chapter seven BK. I used a lawyer and at the time spent the extra money to have the two companies that I did not include in my BK, to keep reporting to the three credit reporting groups. Franklin American Mortgage NEVER would send the require paper work back to my lawyer, so it could be filed with the reporting groups, even after calling them two or three times a week for months and months, requesting the paper work. This paper work had to be filed before my discharge in November of 2013. It being 2015 and still it has NOT been filed.

Back in December of 2014 . I wrote all three reporting groups and they all have written back saying, that Franklin American Mortgage MUST called them and request the change, in order for them to make the correction.( If you look at the credit reports they are show payments being made, BUT they ALL say Part Of Chapter Seven BK, Written OFF 8/2013). I have called Franklin so many times, they always say they will call back, and they NEVER do The .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Forest Falls, CAlatest call, 1/6/2015, time about 6:30 A.M and again will call you back, no help...

I am REALLY hoping that if you could bring this problem out in the open, maybe they would start doing what they said they stand for. I am sure if they have done this to me, they have also done this to count less others.
All week end during the football games, I heard how Franklin American Mortgage is a caring company, this is so far from the truth. I spent the extra money and time to make sure every thing was done correctly, but they have never wanted to help me in ANY WAY. As of 1/6/2015 the paper work has NEVER been filed, and with out some one to help me, I do not think it will ever get filed.

I have been trying since July of 2013 to get Franklin to file the correct paper work, and all I ever get is, "WE will call back", and as of today, 1/6/2015, no call back.
What else or where else can I turn for help, but YOU. Please help me get this exposed, so others will not have to suffer as I am
Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you
Kent Rolsten

Jan 06, 2015

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