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Buying a new home? Find your next home from my site by clicking the button that says, "Property Search". From here you will be instantly connected with every listing Mesa, AZ 85204 registered an ad on GRAIG'S LIST to sell a 1993 JAGUAR XJS convertible.

FRANK MERLO'S ad claims :

*Original clean paint job

*mileage of 68.846 on odometer

I sent an inspector from ROAD READY Phoenix AZ to verify the condition and edit a report before buying the vehicle.

Inspector's report Ronnie Powell from Road Ready mentions:

"Fish eyes, dirt in the paint, and bubbles are sign of a poor quality paint job"

"The whole car will need to be repainted if you want a quality paint job".

Frank Merlo answered to me:

No dirt in paint no bubble no Fish eyes!

Original paint someone lied to you!

The inspector lied to you further I told you send me the report and I would take the inspector to court and win for you!

I ask for a CAR FAX and found that the odometer has been tampered with after Frank Merlo bought it in 2014 with 73, 000 miles. The mileage display by the odometer on inspector report on 17/5/2017 is 68.846 Miles.

Frank Merlo BHHS Arizona Properties
Frank Merlo BHHS Arizona Properties

Jun 23, 2017

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