[Resolved] Frank Lamark Photos Illinois / Kitchen Cabinet Fraud & Frank Lamark Photo & mugshot

5 Naperville, IL, United States

The Frank Lamark photo (mugshot) is posted in my profile for those that are curious about what this Frank guy looks like. To see the original posting of it by Naperville Illinois law enforcement you can view, download and share the original image located at:

At a different site then the link above I also found a page of photo's of him - I used the Google search term "Research Frank Lamark" when I was trying to locate other contact information on him. That research page included information about his court cases, lawsuits, a listing of the domains he owns (watch out RTA cabinet shoppers) and a picture page plus his Facebook photo.

If you've had problems not receiving your cabinets or not receiving all of your money back then there are some good links there that will take you to places where you can spread the work about the fraud he's committing. With enough complaints, his photo's posted on your servers, your blogs or at sites like this he won't be able to hide and eventually it will make a much stronger case for the Illinois State Attorney General office and the Federal Government. So if you've been shafted by Frank Lamark then let it be known and speak up.

The alleged company (a website of pretty pictures and photo's) of his called "Cabinets Direct RTA" is just that, nice cabinet images, plus a sprinkling of promises of massive discounts, free shipping, and even more discounts for check or money orders (?) but NO cabinets shipped or received!

Okay, my profile covers more about my experience with this guy, be very careful, take care.

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