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Rome, Italy, Italy
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I am writing to you as on the 13th of April 2017 I hired a Nissan Micra of registration FF086WA. This was contracted to be on hire until the 19th of April. I paid €595 for the cost of hire and €250 as a deposit. This sum also included a "full insurance" policy for the duration of the hire.

On Saturday the 15th of April this vehicle suffered a mechanical fault which meant it was no longer suitable for use.

My wife and I were left without a vehicle or means of transport in San Donato in Poggio, Tuscany, Italy until the 18th of April when we hired a Vespa for a sum of €105.

It is an unfortunate event which has left us both very disappointed as we had planned this holiday for quite some time and paid a substantial amount of money for the service. I have sent numerous emails and made numerous phone calls attempting to resolve this. On the 2nd of May I was informed that the €250 deposit would be refunded that day and I was requested to forward my BIC and IBAN details so that the rest of the refund could be issued. Neither of this has happened. In total, including the fuel I put into the car, I paid €905 for the rental of a vehicle which broke down after two days of driving. For one of the three days we had the car it remained parked at the wedding venue without being driven. It is a massive amount of money for my wife and I to be at a loss for. I hope that there might be something that can be done about this.

May 11, 2017

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