FrancescoBiasia / Harassment & Poor Treatment

1 Via Nazionale 75a, Rome, Italy

Today, 30/September/2014, at 2:20 pm, I, my wife and our two daughters visited the store Francesco Biasia at Via Nazionale 75, Rome. I would like to report that we were discriminated and badly treated by a sales person, a senior lady with blond hair, in a way that we could not accept as a potential customer.

I am looking for a business briefcase and passing by the store, we decided to enter. After looking at your options in the first floor, I went to the second floor, while my family stayed in the first floor. Suddenly, this lady appeared in the second floor asked me "what are you looking for?", I said "a briefcase", she said me in a rude way: "downstairs". I was already impressed with the bad treatment I had and decided to leave the store, when I met my wife at the first floor. She said me also she was badly treated. So, going out the door, escorted by this senior blond sales woman, I told her she needed to better treat the customers. She said, "please never come back".

I was really astonished and surprised as it has never happened to me and family before. So I decided to write to you. I know Franscesco Biasia seems to be concerned about products, design and mainly customers as the main source of your revenues like the USA company I work for. Customers are our reason to exist and make great products. This store has a huge inventory and selling at discount prices, with no other customer inside. I am positive to say that the way this lady treated my family may be a reason for selling at discount and with very low customer frequency.

Please, take into consideration this feedback from a tourist spending two weeks of vacation in Italy with the family. I am happy to provide more details or information if needed.

For sure, I will not consider buying from this store, this brand or even from Italian brands anymore, given the harassment my family faced. I could have called the police, but I did not want to jeopardize our family's vacation for an issue like that.

Best regards and I apologize for the long but important feedback.

Ex-Potential Customer


Sep 30, 2014

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