FragranceQ / Unauthorized charges

On August 20, 2008, I purchased from the FragranceQ website a bottle of Guerlain Eau de Parfum for $41.78 (invoice 21233), as an anniversary gift for my wife. I paid for it using Paypal, and the charge went through, appearing on my credit card bill. But I never received the perfume.

FragranceQ provides no phone number or physical address on its website and can only be contacted by e-mail. In September and October, I three times sent FragranceQ e-mails, using the 'contact us' feature of their website. I provided my invoice number and requested that the company please either send me the perfume or refund me my money. I received no reply or acknowledgment of any sort. In my last e-mail, I told the company that if they did not get back to me, I would report them for fraud. They did not get back to me.

Note: FragranceQ claims to ship orders on PST. If true, then they are partly based on the West Coast.


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