Fox NewsThe 5 fox news rothschild luciferian jews of the apocalypse

The 5 foxnews rothschild luciferian jews of the apocalypse

Periodically, whenever the other relatively good, honest conservative newscasters over at foxnews get “on a roll” and actually start spewing non-stop, true blue conservative, and straight up good old fashioned american or libertarian values, such as anti-war, hard work, bootstrapping oneself to make it in the world, tolerance of all races/religions/creeds as long as you’re a good american, disavowing “divide and conquer” tactics of the globalists such as rothschild agent george soros, and other wholesome virtuous american values, jacob rothschild will no doubt be watching at home in london, in his underwear and natty bathrobe, pick up his no-doubt over sized cellphone circa the 1980s, and immediately call his ### foxnews owner rupert murdoch to immediately “rein in the free-thinkers, ” and immediately “roll out his luciferian jew” agents such as charles krauthammer, howard kurtz, james rosen, geraldo rivera, or bernard goldberg.

The purpose of this “rollout” is to immediately jerk the proverbial “chain” linked around the necks of the otherwise conservative journalists and newscasters when, and if, they start to get out of line and actually start to espouse, support, and encourage, developments and issues in the news that actually help the american people, the country, and the condition of the nation.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY

For example, whenever foxnews anchors start to go in the direction of say, peace with foreign nations such as iran, russia or china, or when they point out that americans are actually by and large good people who aren’t racists, or whenever the luciferian’s ruse of “divide and conquer” is exposed, or when the federal reserve bank is attacked, or whenever populist sentiment is praised, or whenever “stupid wars” are discouraged, one never fails to immediately witness, as blatantly as possibly, the literal “wheeling out” of the 5 above referenced rothschild luciferian jews who immediately set about dismantling, discrediting, correcting, openly chastising or insulting, and ultimately breaking down that “conservative offender” live on-air who actually dared to espouse or support a conservative vaue that was actually “good” for america, its future, and its people.

For you see, the rothchild luciferian jews need to maintain control over the narrative, whether it is left, right, or whatever, and place their agents very, very close to the “real journalists, ” just in case they “step out of line. ”

Many “real” foxnews journalists will literally be ###slapped live, on air, and humiliated by these 5 luciferian jews, routinely whenever they get out of line, such as what regularly happens to bill o’reilly, tucker carlson, gillian turner, or anyone else who gets “over-excited” and actually deviates from the rothschild luciferian jew script, and actually discusses something good for america and its people for a change.

Feb 03, 2017

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