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Since we purchased our vehicle we have been experiencing a metal to metal squeal at time. This sound is not all the time but variable as to when. Sometimes when backing out of the garage in the morning, other times when rounding a corner or just slowly pulling forward. I have had it into the fox Negaunee service center several time. The lastest was when I sent my wife to them to have this checked out again. That was July 23. The said it was some mortar dust or something on the brakes. They supposedly cleaned the pads. that is when they told her it was all fixed and that would take care of the problem. 10 minutes down the road the sound was back. This was after they had told her it was not the brakes but cleaned them anyway. After my wife arrived home, over an hour away from the dealership, I called and made another appointment to have this figured out.

The service lady heard the noise as I pulling into the service bay. I thought this would finally do it. Well the mechanic drove the vehicle and said he couldn't hear anything. He then was told to put it up on the hoist to look again. His "diagnosis" was that it was the brakes. I mentioned it was funny because 3 days earlier we were told it wasn't the brakes. Then the service manager, Mike Miller I believe, told me they it must be the brakes. After I mentioned again that 3 days previous we were told it wasn't the brakes.

I lam tired of getting the run-around and told different stories from different people. Now before you tell me to take it too the dealer I did. I sent an email detailing what was just said, also stating I was going to be in the market for a 2019 Impala as I had purchased several vehicles from Fox. I know the email reached someone as a new car salesman called me within 30 minutes to try to sell me a car.l

Apparently this dealership just wants to sell cars but not service them.

My name is Bob Wilkinson. My phone number is [protected].

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    Still nothing from the dealership.

Jul 27, 2018

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