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DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCMSTANCES!! THEY LOSE EXPENSIVE CLOTHES AND DO NOT REPLACE THEM. this cleaner lost a $140 pair of shorts i took in to have cleaned. called numerous times. they never called back w/ updates. went into store 4 different times. each time waited for 20 mins while they looked for article, could not find and then promised a call that never came. finally, i was sick of it and bought the same identical shorts from the same store and took them in to be reimbursed. when i got there, i was accused of lying re: the value, lying re: the fact that the shorts were identical, told what i brought in was worthless and had no replacement value and was generally treated poorly. it is not my fault that they lost my clothing. ended up taking $50 for shorts despite the fact that they cost $140. have never been treated as poorly or had a situation not made whole in the way this cleaners did. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THIS PLACE AGAIN. UNLESS U R TAKING SOMETHING THAT U NEVER CARE TO SEE AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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