Founders Insurance / Nothing But a Hassle

IL, United States

I am not a client, however, one of Founder's clients hit my parked vehicle and caused $1700 worth in damage. This "minor" accident has turned into over a month's worth of headaches for me so far, and at this point I have had my car repaired (however Founders has not yet paid the auto body shop in full) and they are presently refusing to reimburse me for the full amount of the rental vehicle I required. (I picked the cheapest rental car available, and I only needed one because my damaged vehicle was the only vehicle we have that will accomdate our entire family!) The "adjuster" they sent out to view the damages on my car--even after I had already taken my vehicle in for an estimate--took pictures with his CELL PHONE and missed $600 worth of damages by only noting one of the three separate panels that was damaged. He also didn't show up at the body shop to review the additional damages at his scheduled time and has not contacted them since then. I will also be taking Founder's client to court, gotta get my money somehow!! I would not recommend Founders to anyone looking for a reputable insurance company who takes care of business.

Mar 19, 2013

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