Foundation Individual Rights Education / A very DULL spark for constitutional rights?

1 Milford, CT, United States
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FIRE, or the Foundation Individual Rights Education, is really a very dull spark when it comes to your constitutional rights. They take cases only a paralegal could solve.

If you can’t afford an attorney on your own, don’t waste your time with FIRE? The people that answer the phone aren’t very professional. Their budget is so small they can’t even afford to update the address on their website when they move, and they move a lot in search of cheaper rent? The people answering the phone give you different answers on what they think the current address is?

This isn’t a bad place to volunteer if you’re looking to substitute Starbucks Runs for volunteer work. The most work you’ll ever do volunteering for FIRE will be dressing up to sit for the office picture.

You’re really in dire straits if FIRE is your legal advocate. You’d get better representation from Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” than FIRE?

Jun 28, 2015

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