Foton UK / Search engine listing for Foton UK on right hand of page is not correct

1 Haughton, GB
Contact information:

Please note we have a incorrect use of our Trade name.

The company listing itself as FOTON UK on your search engine is in fact Foton compact tractors ( website

They are misusing our trade name of FOTON UK to divert traffic away from our correct site ( www.FOTONUK.COM ) and listing the address as well as other details wrongly as being in Maidstone.

Please note that we require immediate cessation of this fraudulent misinformation and our Trade name restored to us alone at

Please note that the Trade name Foton UK is wholly a trade name of Foton Limited who owns the intellectual property of the name FOTON UK

We have tried to restore our name to the advert and suggest edit, but that has not worked.

Please call or email us about this matter urgently. Misuse of our Trade name could cause warranty and safety issues connected with our products if this FAKE LISTING is not removed . Our equipment has strict safety protocols that cannot be followed by other untrained companies who cyber sit on pour name. Therefore Life and limb could be at risk with your continued showing of the FAKE listing. Please note the date of this complaint is 28th March 2017 and it is by order of the board of Directors
and authorised by Stephen Pearce. Any misuse of our equipment due to the Fake listing being incorrect will be wholly your responsibility.

Mar 28, 2017

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