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1 India

I'd given a couple of photos to be scanned and copied and a few soft copies on the pendrive to be made into hard copies. It was overall order value of 1000 bucks. I was asked to collect the photo's in an hour. That was 12:40 PM in the afternoon and when i went back at back at 6:30 PM in the evening. They hadn't even touched my photos yet. This was my 2nd experience with this shop.

I'm not writing this review only because of the 6 hour delay, my anger is because of the following:

1. Irresponsibility : The girl at the counter (Asha Pawar) tells me that its not her fault, coz she wasn't the one who took the order and she can't (rather won't) do anything about it. Then the two girls at the counter proceed to chit chat leaving the customer standing bewildered at the counter and without even any place to sit. They made it clear that they couldn't care less..

2. Total Disrespect to the Customer:
(a) When i reprimanded them about their rude attitude, they went a step ahead and muttered remarks in Marathi, which i completely understand and hence understood all the offensive remarks
(b) During Bill payment, she refused to hand me the bill first, which is a regular procedure fearing that i might not pay up at all. This shows their own awareness of their lousy delivery and service, they actually fear customers running away without paying.
(c) Despite my repeated requests for the store manager's number, they denied and of course talked back endlessly.

3. Lousy Service:

(a) I had been given two copies of each picture and had also been charged for it WITHOUT any reason. When i asked why this has happened, they had no clue and looked at me with such dumb and arrogant expressions that made it clear that they wouldn't answer.

(b ) After all this heated argument, i was handed my packet of photos at 7:10 PM. I was so frustrated by then that i just stormed out after payment, only to get back home and realize that they took the money for the 18 soft copies on the USB drive, but it wasn't in the packet. When i called back, they confirmed that they had forgotten about that part of the order and asked me to come and collect it next day in the morning.
So not only did they deliver my order 7 hours late in the first place, they were not even apologetic about this, they talked back, made me, the customer feel like some lousy beggar while actually I was paying a thousand bucks for all this. They also did not give me the entire order despite fully charging the money because of which I had to drive back 10 kilometers. It was a disgusting process for me as a customer.

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