Foshini Robertson / unethical behaviour

1 robertson south africa, ZA

I wanted to buy a nokia 5 as it just arrived at store. The sales lady said she cant help me due to the fact that shes the only person in store. So I left empty handed. I returned the following day at 16h30 when I wanted to buy the phone at the tills it was 16h50 and they said sorry we cant help you we closed and system is offline. Again I left the store empty handed. The next day I returned and were mentioned of black friday starting at 7h30 and tablets being marked down 50 percent. So I left to return this morning to buy a nokia 5 and tablet only to hear that black friday started yesterday and all tablets is sold out. I left the again empty handed and irretated knowing now that the name foshini robertson cant deal to satisfy customers.

Nov 24, 2017

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