Fortis Hospital (Vasant Kunj) / Chronic Kidney Disease thanks to Fortis Hospital

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Hospitals like FORTIS are not concerned about your well being and are only interested in your money and if your lucky not your life. Be very careful while dealing with these hospitals. My experience with Fortis Vasant Kunj and my life after is given below for considering your own outcomes.

I was a very successful Consultant in Security and third generation of a 40 year family firm of MEP Consultants. I also had a 3 year old daughter and thought if I could lose weight like this I would get a chance to play with her more than what I could when I was overweight.

The fateful date was 23rd April, 2008 when I took the disastrous decision to walk into Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj for what Dr Charu Sharma, the cosmetic surgeon said was a very routine Liposuction operation to reduce my weight from the 125 Kgs I was and where they said they would remove double of normal fat from the abdomen area.

A few days before that, Fortis made me undergo a large number of tests from an ECG or ECO, a thorough Blood Test covering the Kidney Functions, Liver Functions, Urine and even X-Ray with a sitting with the Anaesthetist with all the test results to determine whether I was suitable for the procedure after which he gave his clearance and the date was set for 23rd April, 2008.

I was discharged from Fortis on 24th April, 2008 despite a problem of diarrhea with a statement from the Doctors saying that it was probably due to the heavy medication. Never could I have realised in my wildest dreams that that would be my tryst with Hospitals on a regular basis.

Nobody told me that is was a very complicated surgery and nobody even mentioned the risks.

When the diarrhea continued for nearly 10 days we kept calling the doctor regularly and she kept saying that it would subside eventually. Finally, I started feeling sick and on 2nd May, 2008 I was advised to undergo a routine blood test for the Kidney Function Test from Dr. Dang's Centre and on the 3rd it came out that both my kidney's were not functioning. Nobody wanted to believe it and we went in for another Kidney Function Test on the 3rd May, 2008 from Lal's Path Lab and the figures just got worse. I started vomiting and went very weak as my creatinine and urea kept rising.

We finally went and consulted Dr Bhalla in Ganga Ram Hospital and he immediately recommended my admission on priority in the Hospital because my kidneys had failed and that also both of them. I stayed in Ganga Ram till 17th May, 2008 where I started on my dlalysis on the 12th May, 2008. After that for the next nearly one year my wife and I used to get up at 4.30 AM in the morning and drive from Saket to Ganga Ram Hospital thrice a week to reach at 6 am for the dialysis. We used to call my mother or my mother-in-law to take care of my daughter while us both husband and wife were at dialysis. I then shifted my dialysis centre to Max Hospital since it was taking a toll on my young daughter including the family but most my daughter because she was so small and at times we would all cry because of what our family was undergoing. My daughter used to go to school and talk about her father being sick and not being able to play with her. I was in bed most of the time and only recently have been able to get out of bed. Till now after four years I am on a regular dialysis thrice a week at Max Hospital.

I have been in and out of Hospitals and where I did not have any problems except being overweight and now riddled with problems ranging from Pericardial effusion, lung effusion, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis being just a few of them. I spend on an average about 8-10 Lakhs per year on this disease. I have been admitted to the ICU and Emergency a number of times, sometimes on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve also. What a life our family has been left with ?

We went to Fortis after this problem happened and they said that there was some underlying problem but what we could not understand was that if there was a problem how could they go ahead with the procedure. I have a permanent oxygen machine at home because I can need oxygen anytime and there are times when I need to take sleeping tablets to sleep.

My medicine list is huge now and there is no reducing it. Blood tests are happening regularly.

I am not able to cry and try and laugh in front of the family because if I start crying what would happen to my family. My daughter is nearly eight years old now and I cannot play with her. I cannot run around and have become 66 Kgs now. I cannot participate with her in her school functions and even cannot travel out of the city for longer than three days at a stretch. My wife is left with taking care of me and she cannot spend any quality time with our daughter.

We cannot go out for Holidays because of my health and because the CKD has taken away all of my funds. My family business has suffered greatly and not only monetarily but mentally and physically the toll it has taken on my father, mother, wife, in-laws and most of all my daughter.

I see patients dying around me in the Dialysis or because of it and dont know what to do. I was not settled in with my family and now cannot do anything about it.

Doctors acted like bunch of idiots. They could not diagnose the problem and condition deteriorated every day. There was total lack of leadership and no team work at all.

Whoever reads this I hope you appreciate the dangers of dealing with this hospital. My family's life is destroyed and because of the callous attitude of Fortis Hospital.

I don't show it in front of my family but am really scared about what is in store for my family when something serious happens to me. I cannot go regularly to office and take care of my business. My wife does not work. My daughter is nearing eight years old and what about all the memories I am supposed to have with her and my wife. Her growing up and me watching her in all those years. I tell doctors my problems and my history in the last four years and a few of them even say that I should write a book. That is what my life is all about now.

I go to weddings and functions and when I see overweight people I especially go to them and tell them not to undergo liposuction and especially never to go to the same hospital I went to Fortis, Vasant Kunj.

Fortis has taken it all away from me and I hope this one message can prevent even one other family from undergoing the same torture I have gone through and to never go to Fortis Hospital for any of their requirements however small it might be because you dont know when they would turn it into your life's biggest problem.

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