Fortis Hospitalincompetent emergency

My Mother had severe gum bleeding at 12.30 am, we reached fortis at 1 am, the emergency doctor took the blood pressure and did blood tests. and gave one injection till 6 am bleeding didn't stop and they discharged saying we don't have a dentist and on Sunday morning dentist doesn't come in fortis. We had ECHS card so money was not a concern, and if money was not the concern why they didn't call the dentist and doctors present in the emergency did not know how to stop bleeding and they said this is normal.
So I should go to some private dentist, at 6 am I went to a competent Dr Dugal, she stopped the bleeding in 1 hour she was in shock to see that patient was bleeding since 12.30 am
Doctors are so so incompetent that they didn't even call a dentist in 5 hours, and released the patient while the patient was still bleeding. One junior doctor comes to attend and rest of the doctors are sitting in the doctor's room light closed and laughing. Just one remark after 5 hours we don't have a dentist and dentist cannot come on sunday. My mother bleeds for 5 hours heavily, and a competent dentist resolved that in 1 hour with total satisfaction. Hight of incompetency, I have seen again and again that doctors don't even care you live or die. Are these doctors human?
The same bleeding caused no reaction in doctors of fortis for 5 hours and same bleeding for on dentist was such a serious matter that she was in shock and took the things so seriously.

Dec 08, 2018

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