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Fortis Healthcare in India / Did surgery when failed stress test

India Review updated:
Hello All,
I am posting this complain to make you all aware of how this big expensive hospital operate. My father is 70 years old and needed total knee replacement surgery. We choose the supposedly best and the expensive Dr Raj Gopal for the surgery. He is linked to Fortis Healthcare in Delhi.
He met my father-in-law once before surgery and suggested that he needed surgery for his knee. We had already consulted couple more doctor for the same so we agreed on it.
We got the date for the surgery and left for our hometown same day. In between the surgery and the date we met the doctor we kept calling Fortis doctors and Dr. Raj Gopal assistant to find out the initials test that need to be done before surgery.
We called and wrote mails n number of times but never got any proper response. We from our side got some normal test like CBC count, glucose done on him. Every think came normal for him except for his blood pressure for which my father-in-law has been taking medicine.
A day before surgery we reached Delhi and admitted my father for the surgery and paid the full package fees for the same (around 3.75 lacks) . The same day the hospital did lot of test on him including the stress test (that test shows the condition of heart). My father failed stress test meaning that surgery could not be done on him.
But next day they did another test and said he passed the test and did the surgery. The surgery went OK but the same day we developed lot of complication like his heart rate increased and he had to put on ventilator and given 4 units of blood wherein he needed none at the time of the surgery. After surgery he developed liver infection and completely lost his senses wherein he could not recognize me and my siblings.
For 6 days he was kept in ICU and ICC unit wherein the normal requirement is 36 – 48 hours.
As for their services they provided my father food with onion and garlic though we had very specifically told them that he does not eat onion. Since we were not allowed in ICU he almost had nothing for 6 days.
Though my father is now recovering slowly from all the events but he and the whole family suffered a lot at the hand of Fortis hospital.
Fortis did the surgery on my father just because they got the money without caring about my father health


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  10th of Oct, 2008
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The experience you had is unfortunate. But the surgeon is not to be blamed. He did the right thing in making sure your dad is fit for surgery. However, at his age things could go wrong at any stage. The food aspect is defenitely not acceptable - they should not have hurt your sentiments. Did they charge you extra for the prolonged stay?
  20th of Oct, 2008
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Yes, we paid around Rs, 50, 000 more. I am not sure the exact extra money we had to pay. I don't know if surgeon was at blame or not but hospital definitely is. They should not have gone forward with the surgery when my father-in-law did not pass the required test first day.
  20th of Oct, 2008
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Dr S Srinivas,

Yes they charged every penny. I sign-on the package for Rs 3.5 lakhs, and later I brought my father in almost drowsy conditions after paying Rs 4.29 lakhs. We had a big discussion w/ all the stupid admin staff at hospital but they didn't budge. In fact when we escated problem, they asked us to meet the most crooked superindent Dr Somesh Mittal.

Actually Dr Rajgopal work was fine but he should have understood whether the patient was ready for the surgery. Cariac science dept approved my dad for surgery at 8% stress level ( I don't know terminology) compare to the limit 15% and made my quite father a bad-ridden patient for months.

Well I think I can write a whole novel of my lifetime experiene w/ Fortis hospital if I get sufficient time.

We thought of not registering case against them because I live outside India and my father can't travel to court in Delhi.
  21st of Apr, 2009
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Yes I do agree with you. Exact thing Happened to my Auntlast year, she was operated upon at Fortis Mohali. Operation was fine but next mornibg she had a cardiac arrest and died.
We paid around 3 Lacs. instead of package of 2.75 Lacs.
Second case is of my mother, she got bi-lateral knee replacement at Fortis Amritsar, as Dr. Wadhwa was not available at Mohali. Same thing happened Critenine dropped to 1 level. I almost lost her, by the grace of God she recovered, but again we paid around 5 lacs instead of 3.5 Lacs.
God save us from these CROOKS.
+91 98152 60000
  29th of Jun, 2013
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I too a terrible experience at Fortis Mohali with Dr Manuj Wadhwa. The nephrologist and the anaesthetist had warned Dr Manuj Wadhwa not to carry the operation but Dr Manuj Wadhwa was overconfident to perform my knee replacement. He should have looked at the medical history and my medical case with utmost care and attention. Due to his overconfidence and negligence, as a patient I suffered life threatening situation and Septicemia (blood infection which is serious, and life-threatening). I was in life a threatening situation and in an unconscious state for 20 days after the surgery. I wish I would have never got myself operated from Dr Manuj Wadhwa. Other than the knee condition, he should have examined the medical history completely prior to the knee surgery. I would n’t recommend him to anyone.
  30th of Aug, 2013
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I had been suffering from acute back pain since past 2 years. I consulted the doctors at Fortis hospital who after proper examination suggested spine surgery. Four weeks post-surgery, I am completely fit and fine. It feels good to live a pain free life. I believe, Fortis is the best hospital for spine surgery in India.

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