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1 RIP OFF LANE, ALL, UT, United States
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Phone: 801-878-6240

Dear Friends and Families,
It is with deep regret that I have been forced to write this letter. Fortified Financial has done many great things and
has helped many families achieve their goal of home retention. Personally I have been, and will always continue to
be, passionate about helping people. To my dismay I am forced to shut the doors of Fortified Financial and
Fortified Academy. I do this with a heavy heart and hope that you will understand why not only my companies,
but many other companies like mine, have been forced to do so.
Quite frankly the banks drag their feet and it takes too long for a modification. Simply put, our company ran out of
money to finish the file before the banks could make a decision. To understand this further please see this national
article (How long does a loan modification take) written by Evan Bedard. While it is true we have been working on
some files for over a year, we have been fortunate enough to help thousands of people stay in their homes in
these troubled times. I believe that is because of the staff I had that shared my passion for helping people.
Many of you may or have already reached out to my staff and asked if they will continue to assist you. I have many
of my wonderful people tell me that they will work on some files at no cost to you. But at the end of the day I
cannot, nor can you ask them to work for no compensation. I have done everything in my power to ensure that
those who wish for continued support will be able to find it. I recognize that any options I lay before you may not
be the most favorable for your situation. That being said I believe this is the best option I have been able to
I have negotiated with a National Company who has seen our plight and has taken mercy upon our situation and
has hired many of my staff in hopes to continue to assist those who are still in need. They have dramatically
reduced their fees to ensure everyone has the opportunity for assistance. They have waived their initial Retainer
fee and ask that you pay only for the work that they perform on your file. I believe this will give everyone the best
opportunity for success.
We have set up a special line to assist you with your various options, please contact us at:
It is my prayer that you will find hope and soon find resolution to your mortgage needs. I wish no ill will toward
anyone; it is truly unfortunate how things have come to be. I know some will believe what I say and some may
not. I would only like to ask one thing of you and that is to forgive me for making the common mistake of running
out of money before the job was completed. I am most thankful for the people who worked for Fortified. I know
they believed in, and were very passionate about, helping people.
David Moffitt
Owner of Fortified Financial and Fortified Academy



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