Formost Insurance RV insurance / will not pay on previously approve claim

1 OH, United States

approved claim on RV that was damaged do to waterline rupture. After RV was towed to dealer to have water damage repaired, I told the RV dealer to do the normal roof maintenance that included new caulking. Foremost cancel the claim saying damage was due to a roof leak. When the adjuster was asked if there was any water damage on the ceiling or walls that would indicate the damage was from a roof leak they said no. When the dealer told them that the damage was due to the ruptured waterline they continued to deny coverage stating that the damage was due to lack of maintenance of the roof. I told them that there has never been a roof leak as I have the roof maintenance done every few years so that there is no roof leak. I told them that was the "normal maintenance" not the lack of.

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