Forever bath remodeling / Taken most of money not finished work

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Forever bath has been in and out of my bathroom for a better part of a year to remodel my bathroom. The price on the bathroom was $23k, we have had so many problems with them. First it was with the design...they built a wall in the middle of a window and would not correct it. Had to have many letters, screaming matches before they would correct error, then they installed the tile which was wavy and they would not correct that. Owner Jeff told me that it was within contractor tolerance. Finally my husband and I got so frustrated we called in a Texas Qualified Inspector to inspect he found 52 items not within code or just poor quality work. Forever bath did correct most of the work after many months of emails and phone calls they finally agreed to correict the work. They corrected everything but the drain (which when shower is used backs water up onto the bathroom floor). Now the are looking for there final installment on their money without finishing the bathroom. Don't use these contractors BUYER BEWARE!

Jul 27, 2014

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