Foreign Expats aka Beijing Teach aka Rosie TangSalary skim china job recruiter scam

China job recruiter Rosie Tang is a convicted felon under the name of "Rebecca Tang" who was released from prison in 2016 for cheating foreign English teachers that she would recruit. Not only does she skim salaries but also charges teachers a bunch of fake taxes and "processing fees" and then tries to get custody of your passport so you cannot leave the VERY crappy blacklisted job she puts you in. If you threaten to go to th epolice she reminds you that you do not have a legal work permit and YOU will be the one arrested and deported. When your contract ends and you want to leaver her slavery she will not give you the required "release letter"unless you pay her $3, 000. This is bloody extortion! She is blacklisted at, CFTU, CTA, and to avoid detection she now uses 11 different alias companies and four or five foreign teachers to recruit for her. Her are her many companies to avoid:

>>> Foreign Expats aka

>>> China ESL

>>> Beijing Teachaka

>>> New Life ESL aka

>>> Golden Bridge ESL

>>> East-West Education

>>> Golden Bridge English

>>> Golden Bridege Education

>>> New World Education

>>> Golden Bridge Visa

Yes, she is also selling black visas along with fake diplomas and TEFL certificates. But after she sells you everything she possible can, she waits 90 days and then tells teh cops you are a fake teacher to collect the 15, 000 reward!

You can readmore about here at, and also at the China Liars List at here at this link: The China Scam Patrol people wrote a 10 page report about her. Check it out at

May 16, 2017

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