Here is of my story, I am addict in recovery, 7 years ago I was released from state prison after doing my forth term! I was done doing time. I came to live in a sober living house in Riverside, CA. my first time ever living in a home like this. I found jobs, I stayed away from drugs, doing crime & the people that I used to hang around. After 13 months I discharged my parole by staying sober & crime free. I was given the opportunity to be the manager of this same house. Addicts and alcoholics are the main occupants, however, there are residents who are disabled and are not able to work. There are men and women who are on parole also. One happy family. The type of people most folks want to forget about. It’s no Betty Ford center. In the years I have been the manager I have seen some of the people get their lives together, families reunited, getting loved ones back, even married and have children together-real success stories. This house and places like this one (if run right!) really make a difference in peoples lives. About 4 months ago we got the word this house was in foreclosure, subsequently the owner lost it to the bank. The house is now owned by Wells Fargo bank. The bank now wants us out of here. I'm told they bought the house for $204, 750.00. This is a house that was built in 1941, it needs much work but we call it home. After telling my sister about this situation with the house, knowing how well I turned out by being here, she offered to buy this house to keep it going for the addicts and alcoholics who are trying to be a productive part of society. I called the realty company who is handling this property for the bank and asked if it would be possible for my sister to buy the house. The realty company had my sister send her bank information, everything was in order, after two months the realtor informed us that the bank will not let us buy the house if we are still in it! The bank wants it vacant. The whole purpose to purchase the house was to keep the people from being homeless, and allowing us to live here pending the sale. We are not asking for a hand out, just a hand up! Our offer was and is $150, 000.00 cash. If the banks can get bailed out with 700 billion, how about the little guy trying to survive? I checked into houses in this area and found Riverside has one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the state. My area alone has over 700 houses in the 92505 zip code in foreclosure. Its like patch work with boarded up houses. We know as bad as the economy is, there are more to follow. We are asking you to get involved to see if you can help us save our home. With the market being bought up with foreign money, my request is that we be able to purchase this house. Is it possible that you look into this for any possibilities? Thank you for your help. Brian V. Perry10943 Arlington AvenueRiverside, CA [protected]([protected] cell

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