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Foreclosure Uncovered / did not order product or authorize charges

1 22 Elizabeth StreetNorwalk, CT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (203) 838-3232

I received an email on Friday, February 6, 2009... just out of the blue, which contained the following:
to M******** L********
date Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 10:02 PM

Reference Number: 41DC4AC2-498CF9A5-383-31FD6

Subtotal: $39.95
Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Total: $39.95


That was the entire content of the e-mail I received. There were no details as to what the charge was for, and there was no customer service number or contact information of any sort. I tried to reply to the e-mail to question the charge, but the e-mail came back to me as "Undeliverable." I searched the internet for anything about this company, but found next to nothing. Today I finally found a phone number and address for this company. Unfortunately, I found this information after their supposed business hours of 9 am to 4 pm EST.
The information I found was as follows:
22 Elizabeth St., Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

I never recieved anything from a company by this name, and I do not recall having ordered anything from this company. I think that contact information should be autmatically included in every e-mail, in order to protect people from this type of rip-off.

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  • Be
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    The exact same thing happened to me on 2/21/09, for the same amount and from the same address. My charge came after signing up with Foreclosuretown, and I told foreclosuretown about it, that someone either has broken into their system, or some one is giving out my personal banking information, someone who works at foreclosuretown. Both these companies have a Norwalk, Ct address. Strange isn't it. I had written to my state senator prior to this, and this just proves my point, that the internet has become totally corrupt and someone or some government agency will have to police it. It is getting so bad, that everyone that I talk to is afraid to order anything for fear of just the thing that happened to me, and this is just a drop in the bucket, compared to the other fraudulent charges that hit me over the past six weeks. It got so bad that I had to change my credit card to times to get my banking affairs back in order. An Ohio buckeye fan.

  • Al
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I just recieved the identical email? I have been on hold with the phone number above for about an hour now. How did you go about resolving the bill? Its a scam!

  • Fe
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I had the same thing happen to me. Who do you get in touch with?

  • Br
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had the same thing as well and they are trying to charge me $80.00 for this mess! has any one heard anything yet?

  • Sq
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    i was sent an email from and they said 7 day free trial, so i tryed it, to find who owns a house i wanted, i never even found that house listed, also the info.they give you is the kind you get from a newspaper or a yard sale sign, so i canceled on my email, and by phone, the man, leon, said i wouldnt be charged, the next day feb.27, account was overdrawn 80.00 on one charge and again for 40.00 on the other, same people, different names.i had my bank card cancelled, and the lady in the bank contacted them and they argued that i didnt cancel in time that it was a day late, and i told them i wanted the supervisor, and he said he was sorry for the mix up and he refunded the 40.00 but the 80.00 is still up in the air.i contacted, and and they tell me, its not us, its someone else, but going back to my email and clicking on it always leads back to and one needs to return my money or i will harrass them like they do us, every chance i get.until i get my money.if you get 'brian"at, tell him i want my money, and hi, ill call them later. thank you.SQUEEKY WHEEL

  • Pe
      6th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am a recent victim as well. I was charged twice on 3/3/09. One amt 39.95 the other 79.00. I tried to cancel on 3/1/09 but the site said it didn't recognize my password. When I tried to have my password sent to my e-mail address- it says no that the e-mail address is not on record. I will be doing what all of you did on Monday. Any other suggestions to get money back? The e-mail link is no good either- comes back undeliverable.

  • Si
      10th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had a similar experience with an email alerting me of a 79.00 charge with no explanation. At first I ignored it, and then when i went through my american express bill, I noticed that the charge was indeed real. So I went through the previous month's bill and noticed two additional charges from the same "company"- one for 39.95 and another for 79.00. I did a little research and found this site and a site with the address and phone number. I called (at 3:00 pm), followed the prompts and stayed on hold for nearly 30 min. I eventually hung up and called american express. They immediately refunded the charges and said that such immediate authorization for a refund may suggest that there have been other complaints against the same company. I am going to continue to attempt to contact this "company" until i get an answer, or until I actually have the money returned to my account. I am also submitting a complaint to the better business bureau- and I implore that if you are reading this, you do the same- lets run this dishonest company out of business. sick-of-it

  • Pa
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Forclosure Uncovered - took money out of my credit card
    United States

    yes I have a complaint against FORECLOSURES UNCOVERED. I went on the internet for listings for foreclosure homes through two sites that advertise foreclosures & the next thing I know some off the wall company(FORECLOSURES UNCOVERED) took 99.00 out of my credit card without my authorization. I did not even click on to this site! And it makes me mad to think that they can do this & they will probably get away with it.Well, I have learned my lesson & I will never go on line again with my credit card. You give foreclosure a bad name & I say shame on you!!! How can you sleep at night knowing you do this to people???

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