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Forecast Homes / Rip off

1 United States

I signed the contract in Dec 2007 and the house is closing April 21, 2008. Before I signed the contract, Forecast Homes agents didn't disclose that they have different plans for two floor building and they didn't even mention they have a color chart for the tile style, stucco color, door, etc. I saw the model house of Forecast Homes and I assumed my house will be like the model house. We have two famlies bought lot 21 and lot 22 from Forecast. Both didn't even know Forecast have different plans and both didn't even know they have color chart for the house.

Now my house, Lot 21, is complete totally different as the model house they showed and I feels I am being ripedoff. I tried to contact Forecast Homes to solve this issue. I found out the agent helped us, Katrina, was actually a temporary agent they hired and she was not working for Forecast anymore. In addition, their sales agent, Liz and Kristy informed me that Forecast Homes would show customers different plans and color chart before buying a house. I wonder why me and the other family wasn't have a chance to know the material information. I feel that we were being treated unfairly from the facts that lot ** and lot ** were Chinese buyers.

I wrote letters to complain to Forecast Homes and I hope they can help me solve this matter. What I got was Forecast only can change the door and shutter color, not roofing tile and not stucco. They said I signed the contract, but on the contract there is only reference as "Elevation C" for the plan and number "7" for the color. Without disclose the meaning of "C" and "7", how would the buyer know what those represents. I feel I was being ripoff.

I had a meeting with Wolly Miller, the manager, on April 7. Wolly Miller asked for time for an investigation and promised to call me on April 10. April 10, I got a phone call from Wolly. He told me that he couldn't find Katrina, he asked for more time and promised to call me back on April 11. There is no call on April 11. I wrote a letter again on April 12 and got a call back around 6pm from Wolly Miller. He angrily claimed "Because you purposely turned things around, I don't want to talk with you anymore. I told you we have a corporate attorney. I forward everything to him and he will inform me what is the next step." I tried to ask him whether he located Katrina and how investigation goes, he claimed "I don't want to talk with you anymore. We have an attorney and he will tell me (Wolly) what to do." Now, he made me feel that I am the one who did things wrong but I am the one who is being ripoff here.

Today is April 14th and there is no answers. I don't know what to do. I feel I am being treated unequally in the first place and now they totally ignore me by not talking with me anymore. My family had many fights after the event and I haven't got good sleep since then. My dad had his birthday on April 5 and my mom had her birthday on April 12, but both birthday have no cakes and no celebration intead are fights, tears, and fears of what next.

I really cry for help. Because I am a Chinese immigrant who doens't know a lot of American culture and first time home buyer, I don't know where to turn or where to seek for help. I really want to end this nightmare. Please, anybody, please help me.


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