Ford Randfoteinpoor customer service

Date: 25.07.2018
Contact no: [protected]

I took my car in for service, the morning of 25 July 2018. I had to wait for more than an hour to be transported to work, over and above that, they put 3 customers in 1 car which made me 2 hours late at work. They then called me at 11:24 am to say that my car is ready however it's still at the car wash and they would call me to get myself ready, for collection. At 15:00pm i called them to say i was still waiting and they told me they are still waiting for the driver, 15:50 I am still waiting. I must say these people's service is bad. The Eagle corner branch in Bramley will not make a customer wait for 30 minutes max, they offer refreshments and their reception area where customers wait is a warm comfortable environment.

I am very disappointed and feeling undermined.

  • Updated by Polelo, Jul 26, 2018

    I took my car in for service on the morning of 25.07.18, I got at Ford Randfontein at 07:30 my car was booked in, 8:30 i was still there waiting for their transport to take me. It eventually came, they put 3 of us (customers) in one car to be taken to our destinations. The one guy did me a favor by asking the driver to drop me off 2nd as i was going to work. At 11:45 I got a call to say they are done with my car and that it is at the car wash but they would send a driver as soon as possible to fetch me. 15:00 the driver was still not there and i called them, they told me they were still waiting for the driver, 15:35 i called again, they told me the driver was on his way. We finish work at 16:00 everyone left, the offices and parking lots were empty i was the only person waiting with security, the car only came at 16:20pm, I got there by 16:45 and no one was concerned or worried about me, no apology whatsoever, they were all running after new clients / purchases. if it wasnt for my neighbor who took my child from school, she would have stayed at school until it was dark as it is over 30km drive from Randfontein to Glen Harvie, I only live with my daughter this side and we do not have family here, so my daughter would have suffered because her mother does not deserve proper customer service. Ford Eagle corner (in Bramley) is the best at customer service I must say.

Jul 25, 2018

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