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Foothill Auto Sales / Bad Cars/ Fraud/Scam

1 14674 Foothill blvdUnited States
Contact information:
Phone: 9093460484

Hello All,

This includes everyone in this email and in the future emails

This email is a complaint regarding fraudulent sales of bad, damaged vehicles from Foothill Auto Sales AND L 14674 Foothill Blvd, Fontana, CA, 92335

Mr Hooman, I begged you to do what's right and save yourself the head ache but you told me to "go do whatever I want". I want justice

I am Shahram Tizabi, a consumer, a citizen a hard working average American trying to make it by. I live life like the rest, I work all day every day to help pay bills. I have not had a car for a while now, but I did save and borrow to accomplish a down payment. I looked around for a while, but when I became impatient I arrived at Foothill Auto Sales, I had called them a few times from Craigslist! WARNING sign! lol
So I went to their little car lot on Foothill, I liked the fact that they spoke Farsi like me, they are Iranian also. So I looked at the car, 2003 325i BMW, don't let the TERM BMW make you think Im rich or the car is all that. In fact the silver fading, dented car is not perfect, but it was good enough to get me around and I look "cool". So I took it on a test drive around the corner, I was happy i was driving a car, So I went back and said ?Ill take it, I didn't care if it was a camel I was driving, I was driving!
So when I get back the sister says Shawn drive this other BMW and see how it is. I drove it, it was nicer but cost more. I couldn't afford it so  I told her I'll take the silver one I was looking at. She said ok.
We did the paperwork, I kept saying I just need this car to work for 6 months at least. They kept saying it'll work way longer than that, years. I kept saying are you sure it's a good car? The brother kept saying it's a great car, I had the compression test and it passe great. It's a great car, great deal, anyhow we have a great mechanic and we can help you fix it if anything, but nothing's wrong with this car. I tell you the compression test is great.
So we did the paperwork, I felt a little weird when it came to certain paperwork like the "car fax" thing, they had one similar to it, named different tho. The sister went thru it fast, real fast, some pages weren't in there and I said it looks short but I don't care as long the car wasn't damaged or wrecked before, was it stolen? lol she said no way, this car only had 2 owners, in great condition, look here, here, and here. it's an amazing car. no problems ever at all. Then had me sign some sheet of paper that was at the end, skipping all the middle ones. I didn't seem to care because I was late for work. ​My huge mistake, So I sign everything blindly, and run out the door.

Meanwhile I noticed the key doesn't work, I went to BMW of Ontario, they checked the key was bad! I bought a NEW one for $220 or so.
A few days later, under 500 miles later, the car breaks down!!!

Yes the car breaks down on me, I was late to work and lost hours. This is not like me! So I call the dealer and tell him the car is bad, the engine rattles and I have to press the gas all the way down to get the car moving, I also told him that there was a clicking from the engine. The car I told him also did something weird from the back by the transmission, a rattle and slipping motion it felt like. So he said no worries brother well get it fixed, I said let me cut you off, NO, you will get it fixed because this is a bad car. In fact I think I want a different car, I have called the Finance company and they wont fund the money until I tell them to. So the brother Hooman became friendlier and said off course well fix it, not you, don't worry brother. I said thank you.

He sent a tow truck to my job to pick it up and take it to the mechanic, I called his and his sister, I told them both I would rather not finance this car and get another car, "it's been a week and no payment yet but the car is in t e shop" I said lol.

So the car was done fast, I think the same day. I was like wow!!!
I went and picked up the car. The mechanic said it was just 2 coils that were bad.  So the car seemed to be running good, I guess compared to the way it was the new ruining condition was great! lol

Now, it's like a week and a half later the car is broken down again. I can get over all the little issues that I have found out about, but come on, it feels like it's going to break down completely. Drives barely and horrible. No power, smells bad, and the radiator light comes on. So I called the dealer and said listen this car is a fraud! The lade, sister, Nillofar says "fraud, what do you mean?" I said listen please I need to return this car and get another car, it has too many issues and I don't think its fair for the law to let you sell used damaged ruined cars. get me into a good used car. She said "honey it's used car, what did you expect?" This comment made me upset so I said "Listen there is a consumer goods purchase law that states anything you buy in this country has to be what the seller and dealer says and must be able to be used for that purpose, Also as our Founding Fathers, my Brothers wrote in the books, we need to be honest! She right away said I will have Hooman my brother call you, then about 5 minutes later she called me saying her brother said take it to the mechanic Jaime on Mountain in Montclair, California.
Meanwhile all this time the car is parked! I take the car to the mechanic on Monday morning, I also call the bank and tell them everything each time something happens. This time I told the bank I refuse to pay for a fraudulent transaction that the vehicle is obviously in NO running condition. The manager Rosa and the lady Geraldine both stated I was doing the right thing and that they would cooperate with me and any lawyers I hire.
So I called the mechanic, he said the car had a blown head, this is bad. 
I called the dealer, the brother Hooman says I am lucky and he's gonna help me out and pay half the money to fix the car because I broke it the mechanic said because it overheated and I drove it. lol
WOW, what liars are working together, real fraudsters in action, Super frauds almost, the dealer and the mechanic! lol

I told Hooman, listen brother as you say it, "Cane and Able were brothers, but morals and truth always split up sh** heads", so are you going to be a man and fix the situation as a good business man or are you going to try and be a liar, ?" He said it's your fault the car is broken, it's a used car, you get what you get, be happy I offer to pay half. I said listen" I'll give you one more chance before I blow your cover with the law and DMV and every other entity", refund my money and pick up your car from your mechanic.
He said do what you gotta do, get a repossession and ruin your credit, I will not refund you anything at all. Ill see you in court and I'll tell them you didn't want help or anything." I told him very kindly, listen "brother Hooman, Ill report  you to everyone and make sure you stop committing fraud. I'll be the voice of all the people you rip off.//
I called the bank and told them I refuse to pay, Rosa at 4:43 pm on Tuesday  said I am doing the right thing and that she will note the account. Also that her company will comply and assist my lawyer in this matter. Even she stated that she wouldn't pay or want to make a first payment on a new moeny when the car is in the shop "again" broken down, and with a bad motor!
All of this and we haven't even had the chance to look at the transmission yet! Lol. this is a bad car, a junker, a real bad car, needs the history checked, the real history.

This happened 08/11/2015

Sorry for such a long report, but all of you can appreciate the Old America back, the Land of truth and opportunity, the land we can raise a family safely and honestly, the land we call home. What we allow our local business do and get away with is sad, it's wrong and as the law makers of this land we need to listen to our constituents, we need help from you, the power is taken from us by these companies that lie and steal. This dealership and the operators at Foothill Auto Sales AND L Foothill Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335

The Worst Service and the WORST CARS. These people act nice, they treat you nice, like a friend, Then sell you piece of crap that will BREAK down on you for sure. They use some second hand mechanic shop to just put things together for now!Then the car breaks dow! They try to charge you for it too, but he says "I'll do you a favor and pay half" LOL.
So here come the hugest law suit they have ever seen! In fact DMV and the Attorney General, with the help of the Governor's office will hear about this one!
They are TRYING to steal my down payment of $1, 500 CASH and make me pay for a broken down car, head is blown, transmission is out, the radiator is bad with gunk in it, and the coils are bad! What's next? 
So here we go Foothill Auto Sales, see you in court. You make a HORRIBLE decision when you chose money over morals!!!

He wants to keep the $1, 500 deposit and the car, wow, Now I am hurting for a ride again to get to work every day, and I am losing time from work and income because I am trying to get my money back. WOW what a way of doing business. I lose money and m, ore money and I don't have a car. 

Bad service, Bad people, Bad cars​

Aug 13, 2015

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