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After seeing the commercial for the Taco Bell “Fully Loaded Nachos”, I gave into temptation…..perhaps I should’ve just stayed away.

The Fully Loaded Nachos I received were nothing more than a ½ serving of a Nacho Bellgrande stuffed inside a taco shell minus many of the toppings. THERE WAS NO GUACAMOLE, GROUND BEEF, FIESTA SALSA, TORTILLA STRIPS, OR BEANS. Also, the shredded cheese was not melted and the whole contents of the package were cold. I had to bring it home to reheat in the oven.

The only toppings on the nachos were un-melted shredded cheese, sour cream, and a little melted nacho cheese on the bottom.

Again, I learned an important lesson, don’t believe everything you see. The nachos look very appealing on the tv commercial. But, when I opened the cover to see what was inside, it was different story.

~Still Hungry

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  • Je
      Feb 08, 2009

    Obviously you got a bad one because they normally contain all the things you said they don't. I would chalk that up to the Taco Bell that you went to and not go there anymore. They obviously don't know what they are doing.

    I got one that was perfect. Exactly like on the commercial. I would complain to the main company if I were you. I would also call the Taco Bell that you got it from and tell them you want either a refund or a substitute item as it's not worth the price if you don't get what you asked for.

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