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Glad to hear that France can get a better sleep tonight but...
This (Arnold size looking man) shake hands, laughs, make public speech and invites anyone to his privacy and yet...his latest allegation reported to police was (he had received an e-mail from someone...threatening to kill him etc..
The man who has been insisting that I should a) accompany him to...(to pray) knocks at my door now and then to either (to beg for a glass of wine or share the woman that his age & type of men shouldn't bother about.. ). b) He monitors every male or female, either coming in or leaving the building...through a computer monitor connected to the same building (front door opening system) with intention 1) to target single ladies. 2) to report those that (makes the building co-coordinators & managers to become his close picture model if not friends) on one hand and report those (who question & object) his mean & mind bugging attitude) to be marked if not punished etc.
This claimed to be (the leader of his country good men fighters) contrary to my (characterizing him as the (leader of his country pan handlers) if not (a professional & international con artist) whom (I believe still carry around quite a few larger than normal size professionally printed pictures showing him photographed) beside the leaders of his own country (according to my level of understanding his language & body language) to fool & take advantage of his own mostly poor, uneducated handicaps (if not his country leaders as well) even though that he could also be seen in (mentioned above pictures) sitting shoulder to shoulder beside (the warlords of his country) astonishingly not only (on one hand) has also managed to have (himself photographed beside Mr. Fords, and a few other Canadian political & none political powers) as well as to have at least one well known Canadian...organization (to design, publish, and distribute posters in and possibly out of Canada with his picture on it) on the other hand (with what I often witnessed) had attracted once again his own country men to pay him regular visit (obliviously for his recently broken leg) among them the man whom I know has been reminding me of his financial ability that can empower him to pay $20, 000 or more to any government officials who could offer him a sweet deal that will elevate his (I bet) government + private income even though (neither of the 3 men that I personally met speak, read, or write either of Canada's official languages) except some English words. So my question is a) why should I report him to authority to have him monitored (not to transform himself in to a bad cup) if not in to a (currently) Paris scary monster? b) how can (this born and raised in a Muslim family) man (who is as concerned as everyone else on this planet towards constant terrorists news all over the media) report this Arnold size man to (well dressed or uniformed officials) who not only are the ones that treats him like a king by providing him with A) specially designed for his type of people apartment, B) professional nurses to check his health every day, C) servants to clean his apartment and wash his clothes, D) $2000 or more monthly government payment etc but also and apparently seems (hypnotized) by the man's (reports against you & I)?
Meaning...since (the authorities mentioned above) are the same Canadian government employee who (had me locked up for more than a week with no questions asked) as soon as Mr. William R Hodgkiss as the owner of (my ex franchise wily dog hot dog business) reported me to them (as a dangerous man) while my none threatening e-mails sent to Mr. Hodgskiss had all been in regards to Mr. Hodgskiss dishonesty that made me to lose my source of income) then NOW you know why (not only me) but perhaps too many others in my shoe (have to remain paralyzed) when we hear either Mr. Arnold size man (alleges to be threatened by someone with intention to kill him) etc or Mr. Hodgskiss wily dog global success stories distributed all over internet.

Food business

Jan 10, 2015

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