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Hi, One Mr Deandrea took my services in writing content for his e book and has been dilly dallying with no intention of making payment. In the beginning he paid one installment of USD20. Thereafter he has not paid and has misused my trust and cheated me of my hard work and dedication. I have email conversations and chat messages in support of above claim.
Total payable was USD95, I negotiated and reached a conclusion of USD65, it further came down to USD45, he said he will pay in 2 installment of USD20 AND USD25 each. He is polite but is dilly dallying and not paying up.
The complaint is necessary that such people do not misuse the trust of others and get to cheating. Its bad.
Please help me get USD65 from him.
Will be available with more supporting documents (all emails and chat).
Am attaching a screen shot copy of the chat message with him.
Thanks & Regards,
Liji Mohandas.
email: liji.[protected]

Focused Production Is


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