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Focus on sales solutions or Focus One Sales Group Inc / Telemarketing Scam

1 646 Old Phoenix Road Suite E and IEatonton, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 706-817-2190, 706-485-0601 and several other ext.

All of this was copied and pasted from other sites with information on this company and this man;
#1. Jay Keldon aka Joseph Raymond Zeock aka Joseph Christopher aka Mathew is one of the smartest con men around. Jay Keldon has been ripping off telemarketing companies for years. I am not a company who has been ripped off by him but I am someone who has worked with him. He owes people who worked for him money. He owes companies who have signed with him money. He owes renters money. He owes everyone money and always seems to get it. Until now the information I am about to give has never been released. He has an elaborate scheme setup in order to get away with this kind of thing as many times as he can. He always changes his name and actually checks rip-off himself in order to see what names he can reuse and how he can setup his next scam. He is always surrounded by very attractive young men in order to portray the image of being a big time millionaire/ business owner so people don't question his credit or ask for assurance in order not to be ripped off. He looks like a business owner he is in his 50's and has white hair and a somewhat large build. He has the voice of a business man and is a real smooth talker. He gets all of the different young boys to follow him through a made up program. He puts it off as a psychological program and promises these young men 10 million dollars if they are able to complete a series of tasks for him. One of these tasks is being able to find the most attractive looking guys within their area and assembling an impossible group of them in order to receive the 10 million dollars. Confidentiality is one of the biggest parts of this program so none of the young men ever speak about it or you are automatically innelligable for the grant. He has these boys work for him and be around him at all times assisting him. On the outside it looks like he is just a rich man either paying these boys for sex or other things around that realm. He actually does not have sex with any of these boys but uses psychological tricks on them in order to get them to become attached to him.The true intentions of his program are somewhat unknown but I believe it is a means for him to live rich and survive off of nothing in any area at any time. The program is extremely ellaborate and has little to no holes in it. He is as smooth of a talker within his "grants" as much as he is with his business clients. This man must be stopped becuase he is not only ripping off unsuspecting businesses but he gets young boys to give him money and uses them and throws them away like they are items. Jay only cares for himself but comes accross as a very caring individual and he also knows how to be very humorous. He always tells people what they want to hear and is very careful to say the right things all of the time. He goes by different names all of the time and I am sure he will see this. Hopefully a post like this will be enough to end his scam permanently since the foundation of his crimes is based off of this made up grant program that he has.

#2. Joseph Raymond Zeock aka Ben McClaskey aka Jay Keldon is the mastermind behind our local telemarketing
scam. He has opened numerous companies under many names, all with the same goal... to screw you!!!

Every time the word gets out he simply pulls up stakes and moves to a different town with a new company name and alias.

Not only is Joseph Zeock a con artist he is a covicted felon. Recently he was arrested in Putnam, Greene and Forsyth Counties for 2 counts of deposit account fraud, first degree forgery, and perjury. There are reports of further crimanal and cival actions to fallow. He proclaims to have done 9 years in prison for, "the largest mail order fraud crime in US history at the time of conviction". It was confirmed by Putnam County Sheriff, Howard Sills that Joseph Zeock has done prison time however the crimes sudggested were of a lewd and lascivious nature.

Joseph Zeock leaves a wake of victims everywhere he goes. Not only does he scam marketing clients but his employees as well. The employees hired are led to believe that he is a legitimate business man however he is anything but. When payday comes there is no money in the payroll account. Or any other account for that matter accept his personal account.

Locally no one has been immune to his presence. He owes every utility company as well. He is even on a deadline to pay his back lease debt on the business suites he operates the company from which if not payed by months end he is out. We can only hope!!

Watch out for this silver tongue fool. He talks a good game but it is all smoke and mirrors. He just wants your money for his perverted fun.

#3. I've read the other reports on this guy. I only wish I had read the reports before doing business with him. He ripped me off for $2, 176.00.

On September 30th he ordered custom window treatments from me and promised a check for half the next day. Two weeks later I installed and he promised me a check the next day. He was on his way to his Cumming office and was to bring a check back to me in full. Obviously I have never recieved one dime.

He misrepresented himself telling me that he had just bought this new lake house and was moving his "marketing" firm to Eatonton from Cumming. He seemed like a nice guy and a good business man. Come to find out he runs a telemarketing scam previously as American Marketing and Optimum Marketing Solutions and has now incorporated (as of November) as Teleteam USA. I found about his real business when another local business person informed me that his staff was walking out because they hadn't been paid in several weeks. I have been trying to collect from him now for almost 3 months. Yesterday I called his cell phone from a private number and he actually answered the phone. When he reallized it was me he immediately tried to end the call by saying he was in the middle of a "sales meeting" and couldn't talk now. Come to find out he was in the middle of being legally evicted from his lake house. Turns out he was only leasing the house for $3000 a month. He moved in on September the first paying half a months rent and the real homeowner hasn't seen a penny since. Upon confronting him about his bill he told me to F myself. It may give some of you a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that the local sheriff had to put his belongings on the street in the rain. He lied to me over and over. Every week a new sob story. He once told me that his secretary Amanda had stolen 20K from him by writing checks to her husband. He went as far as to tell me he had sworn a warrant out for her but the sheriff couldn't find her and since he had presigned the checks there was nothing they could do. Well I called his Cumming office the other day and guess who answered the phone, Amanda.

The same Amanda who had supposedly stolen 20K from him. Don't believe a word this guy says. He lies with every breath. I only wish somebody could put this jerk behind bars where he belongs. The landlord of the lake house has filed a $9, 500 law suit against him for nonpayment of rent, rent on the lake house he supposedly bought. He is a smooth talker. Don't believe a word he says.
I have copied this report from a report filed prior to this. I could not explain our companies experience any differently than that of the report filed before this one. Nearly word for word of the report (I did copy) below with the adjustment of date for our (service) is our experience. I do hope something can be done against this COMPANY.

#4. "Jay Keldon of American Marketing & Design Group, AKA Optimum Telesolutions, LLC was hired to conduct a 120 hour telemarketing sales campaign for my company.

We had many conversations and emails prior to my signing his contract. He was very aware that I had been ripped off by another telemarketing company in the past. To assure me they weren't the same, he guaranteed in writing on our contract that 15 sales would be made or they would continue to call until they were. The contract cost was $1995.00

That was in July, 2008. My company conference called several times with their team leaders and sales people assigned to our campaign. They were given explicit information on how to sell the products by the parent company who does thousands of $$ a month selling the same things. We provided proven call lists and we offered to come out to help train personnel directly in an effort to make this a success for both parties. We were assured that they knew exactly what they were doing.

It was all down hill after that. The daily reports via email and/or telephone were almost non-existent and only came when we called to complain. What few reports we received would show 1 or 2 hours per day in calls by 1 or the other of the 2 people who were assigned to our campaign. This was to be a 4 week campaign. Team leaders did not return calls, Jay Keldon did not respond to calls or emails. After almost 4 months of their non-sense and 3 difficult phone calls, Mr. Keldon agreed to refund our money, based on the guarantee in the contract of 15 sales. He told us to send an email asking them in writing to cease and desist from the campaign and request a full refund and he would direct it to the proper people. A few days later we received an email from Mr. Keldon informing us that they would not be refunding any money to us.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN OR THIS COMPANY. He is an out and out liar and was very smooth. He was only after our money, that had to be wire transferred before they would begin. Obviously they knew better to take a credit card, where we would have some leverage if they didn't perform.

Our complaint is the 2nd on [redacted]s I have found under his name. If anyone out there has done business with these people and were ripped off, file a report. With enough complaints we can initiate a class action lawsuit against these con artists."

Please do your homework on this guy and do NOT sign a contract with him.

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  • Pr
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    If you want actual legitimate complaints, go to, (Better Business Bureau) so far there are no unresolved complaints regarding this company. All this is here is just a gossip column and you cant rely on gossip.

  • Co
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    Check your facts - the BBB site is

    With companies such as the one Jay Keldon runs, the BBB has a hard time keeping up with the ever changing company names and ever changing company adresses.

    If you check the BBB for Jay's prior company names and prior company addresses, you will find a string of unsolved complaints.

  • Be
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    The above person failed to state all the facts, I would like to add a few. When you are hired to do a job you should not steal from the company, and lie to clients. The boss in every business has people under him to do work. When the work is not done correctly or in this case not at all it is easier to blame someone else. What is strange is how it's all good no matter what, until you are let go or just pick up and leave. I heard once that you are only as good as the people under you, or something like that so what does that say for all the trash being posted. I think in this day and time you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't owe money or hasn't missed a payment at least once in their lives. Afterall if everyone was happily employed never stepped on any toes, always pleased everybody they ever meet, we would live in an perfect world.

  • Fr
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    why are you so defensive about a creepy, ever-changing scam!? How can you imply you know anything at all about the commenters, unless YOU yourself are involved in the scam?? No, these comments aren't "proven, " but they are all spot on and exact. Anybody who has come in contact with this dangerous man would realize that. I work at a local business in Milledgeville and have had this man and his attractive accomplice come in MULTIPLE times, pushing his business cards on all of the employees. He is a sick, sick man and it was highly obvious that he was under the influence of drugs, most likely Meth (due to the rotting meth mouth and speedy, eccentric speech patterns). Am I correct in this assumption "Jay" or would you like to offer another rebuttal???

  • Fr
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    PS: You said you were going to "add a few facts, " but you failed to do so. Vague murmurings about "you're only as good as the people under you" are suspicious and creepy given the circumstances. These complaints are OBVIOUSLY more severe than just "oh man, I wish this employer had never stepped on any toes, and always pleased everybody he met."
    1) When the old, heavy-set man and his attractive, young accomplice come into our restaurant to pass out business cards, they advertise for "night shift management positions." Telemarketing does not operate at night! That's so shady.
    2) When asked how their new company was going, the young accomplice murmured, "people come and go" and then both went awkwardly silent. If the company was legitimate, and they were offering legitimate jobs, they would have more concrete discussion of how things are starting up.
    3) Comments have said the man psychologically controls his victims and convinces his former "employers" it was their fault and they did it to themselves. This seems like typical victimizing socialization, and reflects the dissenting comments above.

  • Ja
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    My name is Jamee! I won my case against Joseph Ray Zeock and Focus One Sales in court. He has is no longer running the business in Eatonton Georgia under the name Focus One Sales. Michelle Hood and Benjamin J. McKlaskey took on the business changed the name in eatonton georgia and then things where posted about that company so they have moved to Milledgeville Georgia and are operating under another business name now. The name of the business on the door is different then the business name that is on the business license. Joseph Ray is still with them just not using his name on anything to protect himself. I would like to get in touch with everyone that has anything to do with him or any of the business that he has operated. You can reach me by email at I would like to hear from you.

  • Go
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Jamee, I have been looking for the woman who scammed me and a few other clients out of several thousand dollars. We were told by the law to keep looking we would find you. I am a former client of a previous telemarketing firm where you worked at in Florida, I bet you know who this don't you. Yes you are Jamee Knight, Jamee D. Kaczetow the same ### that lied to me and several other clients. This says you won a law suit recently, if this isn't just another one of your lies. PEOPLE BEWARE this woman has been fired from several jobs and moves from state to state with her children. When you speak to her she is charming and comes across to be fairly intelligent, however that is all a lie. The law in every state knows about her and the scam she runs. We have tried to catch you, Thank you for the email address that was just what we needed to track you and get the address of your current residence. What you gonna do when they come for you. We will catch you and you will go to jail for the con you are running we have the proof. The contracts were signed by you and the checks deposited by you, you are responsible solely for defrauding thousands from unsuspecting people. The interesting part of the information you have on this site is all the posting's are traced to the two IP addresses. We found it interesting that none are to the Joseph Zeock man or Michelle Hood, or Benjamin McCluskey. I suspect that you are still up to your old tricks, I doubt these people even exist or if they do they don't know you as Jamee. I won my law suit in the courts in Marinna Florida for $5450.00. I think by the last calculations in this area you owe over one million to defrauded clients. Consumers, understand that this woman will lie about anything and everything to get your money.

  • Go
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    CONSUMERS, CLIENTS, EMPLOYESS, ALL CITIZENS BEWARE of this woman the last description of her was 5'8, 297lbs, black hair, olive skin, she is white her children are white, she has been seen with a large black man and two white men with tatoo's all over the arms and chest area. She is very dangerous this woman uses the internet to attract men and is suspected of using several older men for money with promise of sex. The thing I found to be the most interesting when I got the call they had found her was all the things stated on this site are the things she is has done in several states, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Nebraska, then to find she is in, Georgia, only tells me and the ones investigating her that she is the one behind what she calls a scam in Eatonton, Ga. We have done our research there are several call centers in that town neither one has Jamee or her current partner Sallie working for the company in any capacity. The partner in her Georgia and Florida scam is person going in the name Sallie, our investigators stated she has a long history of drug use she is known to area as a drug dealer. We have searched for the names of the people mentioned in her comments before she posted these names their is nothing about these people at all. I don't know if they are real or not the truth is all the comments posted on these sites except one go to the same IP address, one other comment goes to Ga College, that's probably one of their children.

    Gotcha its been a long road you have used every way you could to not get caught and been successful up to this point. I was delighted to get the call within hours of your posting that they thought they finally had you.

  • Lo
      6th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Jay, call me--I lost your number over a year and half ago and thats why I lost touch with you...I won't say my name but remember the flowery branch area? Had a buddy drew..First met you with my good friend who actually recently passed in sept '09...

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