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FNT Inc / No refund, no magazines!

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Kid claims to be in college earning 'points' for a trip by going door-to-door selling magazines. Proceeds to hard sell us into buying and said we can cancel anytime within 3 business days. We buy to get rid of him and mail out cancellation form the next day. Was supposed to receive a refund in 10 days but got nothing. Called company and found out listed phone number is fake. Decided to wait the 8-10 weeks to see if magazines would arrive but nothing came.


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  • Ki
      15th of Jun, 2007
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    I'm not sure if it's the same company or not, but they were running the same scam - boys vs girls the most points wins the trip. My hubby and I bought $99 of magazine subscriptions - it took 6 months for the magazines to start, but they did start coming. I just wonder how long a sub we actually got.

  • Jo
      18th of Jun, 2007
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    I have also been wondering whether or not I have been scammed by this very same situation. My wife and I had one of these young boys knock on our door and asked if he could sell us some magazines. The story was that he gained points for each sale and the top overall seller would win a trip to Europe. $150 and five months later and I have not seen any magazines nor am I able to get in contact with FNT to find out about my purchase. I have also tried to contact the magazines that I renewed and the new ones that we were to get and none of them know anything about this. Some people may have smooth transactions with this, but I say "Beware".

  • Ct
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I bought a two year subscription to do this kid a favor and have not received a magazine yet. It has been 5 months now and the magazine I subscribed to has no record of my subscription. I paid $68.00 and am not able to get in touch with FNT.

  • Jl
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    It just happened this morning. Completed a transactions with some kid for magazine subscription in exchange for a fund raising they're having to go on a trip to Europe. Moments later, I received a call from the local police department that they apprehended a group of people going around the neighborhood for magazine subscription. Police said that this is a fraudulent activity and FNT/AHP LLC has no license to solicit business in California. I was advised to cancel the check and inform my bank. Further advise given by police in case this happens again in the future:

    1. Ask for proof of license or permit to solicit in California.
    2. If solicitor is too pushy and will not leave, tell them that you will call the police. Call 911 and report that the person will not leave your property and police will send somebody over.

  • Em
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    I think my husband and I have also been scammed by this company. These kids came to our door and claimed to be college kids in a boys vs girls contest. My husband bought $40 worth of magazine subscription. That was in April it is now the end of June and we still don't have our magazine. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the company?

  • Ke
      10th of Aug, 2007
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    Each year I have young adults coming to my door for the same thing. It apparently is (or supposedly is) a program to develop young men and women that are between high school and college. They claim they are developing there communication skills and learning how to carry themselves in the business world. They have developed into typical sales people is what they have developed into. They fill you full of the typical sales hype from complimenting you as a person, complimenting your family, joking about taking you with them to Europe and asking you how they are doing. I strongly advise everyone to not ever buy anything from these types of organized sales. As soon as you turn them down, their attitude towards you becomes immediately disrespectful. It is a complete front as most sales are. They immediately turn around, some cussing you out as they walk away and some speaking sarcastically to you with their back turned. These are young adults that apparently lack respect for others and pretend to have it or pretend to be attempting to learn how to earn it by selling magazines. Maybe some put an honest effort to do so, but turn them down and their true colors show. Never will I buy anything from these groups again if this is what they are about.

  • Ge
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    i bought $260.00 WORTH OF MAGAZINES FROM THIS COMPANY. It was about 160 days before i starting them. I was worried I thought I was scammed but they did start coming. I think 160 days is a long time, but i did get them.

  • Ni
      16th of Sep, 2007
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    Pretty much same situation as people described above. Bought $86 worth of magazines last November (2006). It is now September 2007 and I have nothing to show for it. I've been trying to find contact numbers and so forth but have failed.

  • Vi
      26th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Same here. Boys trying to earn points. Got me for 107.00 check on 7-16-2007. No magazines as of yet 9-25-2007. Can't find anything about this business except for the complaints. Have a PO Box # and think I will call PO and see what they can tell me. For any of you that might need the address ofthis so called business, it is; Always Helping People, LLC. P.O.Box897, Proper, Tx. 75078

  • Ar
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    These people are in Washington,Iowa today 10/3/2007 His Name was Terry from Ohio so he said. My daughter kept him busy while I looked all of this up FNT and found this web site then I chased him down and got my check back I did call the washington police so hopefully this will help stop them??? This was around 4:09 pm.

  • Mi
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I had the same kind of situation yesterday. I ended up buying $40.00 worth of a magazine. Silly me thought it was a local high school student. I called my bank and stopped the check today. Don't fall for this scam. Student will say they are trying to earn a trip to Europe. I've heard they are all over Washington, Iowa. This was around 3:45 yesterday. The kids name is James Johnson. Nice kid, but don't buy.

  • Mi
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    I purchased a magazine subscription from a college student on March 1, 2007. The check cleared my bank on March 8, 2007. I wrote the company on October 12, 2007 demanding a refund since I had not received any magazine as of that date. As of today, October 30, 2007, I have not heard from them nor have I received a refund. If anyone gets any information on this company please post it so we can all start calling and maybe put a stop to it.

  • Sc
      3rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered a magazine from the same company and did not get any magazine as of yet. My order was placed in March of 07. But my check was sure cashed in on time.

  • Kr
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    They pulled the same scam on me in Arkansas!

  • K
      11th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered a magazine from Charlene Lewis, allegedly a "student" on behalf of FNT, In April of this year. Still no magazine. Of course no one at FNT will pick up the phone. I WILL NEVER AGAIN ORDER ANYTHING FROM A "STUDENT" FOR HIS/HER TRIPS.

  • Cr
      25th of Nov, 2007
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    OMG!!! I am so ticked off now. I just got online to look up information about this company and immediately found this site of complaints and nothing else!!! I ordered a subscription from a guy named JAMES JOHNSON back in June 2007. I still have never received anything. He was pretty pushy, and kept talking about a trip to Spain that he wanted to win for points. Did seem legit. Had a bunch of literature about the magazines and etc. Got online after I ordered and checked the online price of the mag I ordered. I gave that guy a check for 60 dollars and found the same thing on the computer for 20 dollars. I immediately sent a cancellation notice (the same day I ordered). And like I said still have not received anything although the money was taken from my account 3 days later. I should've been smarter about it, but I was really rushed and I think he used that to his advantage... (I had a 3 year old and 2 week old baby at the time so you can only imagine.)... Grrr. I am so mad now. I have yet to find a phone number for them. This happened in Woodward, Oklahoma... I still have the customer copy that he gave me.

  • Do
      30th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    On 8-28-2007 a young man came to our house to sell magazines in order to help pay for a trip. He seemed like a good kid, told us alot about his life and family so we fell for this and purchased $40.00 worth of magazines to help him out, (that we really couldn't afford). We have not received the magazines purchased and are unable to reach anyone to help us. The customers receipt is from Always Helping People. What are they helping people do when they are taking hard working peoples money? This angers me, However I know that whoever does this or puts these kids up to this will have to answer for their wrong doing at one time or another. This makes it hard on other associations to try and raise money on a fund raiser for schools or a church. I should have been smarter than that, but that's o.k. the Lord will take care of their wrong doing. This happened in Hillsboro, Ohio.

  • Go
      6th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    anyone have a number for these people please put it on here or even a website for this fnt place my senerio is the same as all of yours

  • Ja
      11th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered magizines from a Ryan that was working for FNT. He too was trying to win a trip. I still have the customer copy. My check went through the bank long time ago. No phone number, no magizine. The Agent listed is Steve Kixir. Ryan was the jr sales person. I ordered this for my son on 9-19-06. I thaught the 160 day waiting period was a long time too, but he told me that the magizines usually came in about 30-60. UGH!! I am really mad, I have been trying to find this company for a year now. This happened in Berlin, Wisconsin.

  • Gi
      16th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes
    F.N.T. Inc. - Did not receive magazine!
    1915 christian street
    United States
    Phone: 501-428-7072

    I ordered a magazine called Disney princess for my neice as a gift on july28,2007 and it is now december 16, 2007 and she has not received a one of them...

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