fnc insurance / biweekly plan

1 Roanoke, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 540-761

I recently signed up for the biweekly plan with fnc by the recomendation if citimortgage .I have 2 mortgages with citi, The first problem is #1 fnc signed up the wrong mortgage after being told several times they had the wrong address assigned to the plan, #2 they had the wrong dollar amounts . problem #3 is .I requested $300 additional dollars be added and they only set up a total of $150. Problem #4 fnc sends your telephone call to another country to people that dont speak english and the worst thing is problem #5 they sent a confirmation that will pull payments from the wrong bank account. DONT SIGN UP WITH FNC INSURANCE THRU CITIMORTGAGE...IT WILL BE A HUGE MISTAKE


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