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1 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MARIN (INC): , Wellington, FL, United States Review updated:
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This account was a credit card unsecured loan that was paid and closed. They applied an annual fee and it caused the account to re-open. "as a charge auto re-opens the account. They mailed a bill two months after I moved and it became a collection account. Not only did I not get my "secured loan payment after closing it" but I also received a collection debt on my credit file. I had to pay this "bank fees balance of 534 after revolving and accruing their own internal fees, but now even after paying a balance I should have not "legally" had to pay. I now have a "paid collection account:" on my credit file. What a horribly dishonest company.
This IS FRAUD and they should be shut down. Further they need to remove this paid "collection" from my Transunion credit file!

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