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FMC Technologies / FMC should be ashamed

1 Orlando, FL, United States
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I am one in a group of people FMC is running all over..we got promises of bonuses and surprises for our extra effort but when it comes time to pay up FMC turns a blind eye and deaf ear to they are refusing to perform our evaluations which would offer us pay raises, bonuses and possibly better jobs..I am but one of over 25 people they are avoiding..I have had numerous promises of bonuses and surprises in my pay check if I work on my days off..I am doing this anon. for fear of being fired, they treat the women worse, we men have some pull since we do the heavy work..they take advantage, if you are a hard worker you are treated even worse they expect more, but give they make us work on our days off of course no holidays that would only cost them the money they owe us the end treating us this way will only hurt them! FMC better understand this they make their money because of the efforts put in by the workers and if they continue to break promises, tell lies and avoid those they owe they are going to lose more then they'll gain..Start treating us right or say bye bye to those millions of dollars!!


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