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I am writing to inform you about the policy of Globespan, Scotland’s award-winning airline. I first flew with this airline about thirty years ago and was delighted when they increased their direct flights from Scotland to Spain. However, I am afraid that the rot has set in and I would like to warn other potential fliers. Reading the conditions carefully, it can be seen that the company reserves the right to re-schedule, cancel or amalgamate flights and add any extra stops. Additionally, the responsibility for checking any modifications lies solely with the customer. Therefore, when my flight from Barcelona to Glasgow (28 April at 13.35) was ‘re-scheduled’ by seven hours 45 minutes to 21.20, the first we knew about it was when we could not find any information about the flight on the indicator boards. (The flight was further delayed and took off around 22.10). There were no representatives at the airport and the airport did not have a contact number for the airline. In fact, what had happened is that the Barcelona-Glasgow flight had been ‘canceled’ and the passengers were put on the crowded Barcelona-Edinburgh flight, which then made an ‘extra stop’ at Glasgow. In the two-hour check-in queue, I heard several complaints of similar ‘re-scheduling’. Globespan have not answered my complaint. The company claimed by phone that they had sent two emails which I did not receive, despite checking it daily. I believe that it was a deliberate decision not to contact the customers to avoid us changing our travel plans. Personally, I would have never booked a flight arriving in Glasgow Airport at 23.45 given the difficulties of any onward travel at that time. I think this is the unfortunate consequence of the ‘low-cost syndrome’. Whether fliers pay a little or a lot for their tickets, they are treated to the same poor service with the excuse that the airline needs to keep costs down to offer competitive prices. With the holiday season approaching, be warned.

Eileen Wallace.

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  • Pa
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I have been trying for 48 hours to get in touch with the new york phone number to find out how i can verify the landing time for a friday flight. All i get is a recording giving me the office times and telling me to call back later!!! I even called the uk numbers, still no one answers a phone. Who is running this airline??? Give me British air any day even if i have to go to Manchester to get to Liverpool.

  • Su
      23rd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes - Very poor customer service
    United Kingdom

    We were Premium Economy customers but on check-in at Gatwick Premium check in desk actually took far longer than economy. The flight was 2 ½ hours late in leaving, but there was no explanation as to why this happened.
    When we booked the flight back in October we deliberately chose that flight because it was direct – in February we received notification that it was going via Calgary. We pre-booked our seats in January, but when we got to the plane we were told the ground staff had the wrong seat plan “so just choose where you want to sit”. The crew didn’t seem know what to do – they said it was all the ground staff’s fault and there was a lot of shrugging of shoulders.

    The toilet in Premium stopped working after its first visitor, after not very long there were only two toilets working and then an hour before Calgary we were told that none of the toilets were working on the entire plane! This is obviously totally unacceptable on any flight, let alone a long haul flight.
    During the flight, an announcement was made that there wasn’t enough meals for the passengers and the flight crew had to give up theirs, and the drinks ran out, leaving only water to be served.

    We were prepared to give the company the benefit of the doubt, that neosair were new to the route and therefore it was only teething problems. How wrong we were – it got worse on the return flight. Checking in at Vancouver Airport, there were just three desks open for Globespan customers – none of which were marked for Premium Economy passengers. So people were queuing in the wrong place, which meant we lost another of the benefits of paying extra for Premium tickets. Our boarding pass showed we would be boarding through gate 54, when looking at the airport information boards it then said we would be boarding through gate 64, the airport information boards then changed to gate 54. A BA flight was on the stand and ready to depart at 20.30 – so our flight obviously wasn’t going to take off at 20.45 – but again, nobody told anyone what was going on – where our flight was, how long it was going to be delayed, and which gate we should be boarding from. No announcements were made until the passengers started kicking up a fuss and finally an announcement was made after our flight should have departed. The flight was obviously late when we checked in – why weren’t we told earlier?

    It was also on check-in that we found the flight was going via Glasgow, we had deliberately booked a direct flight – why weren’t we notified of the change. I regularly checked our booking online, and there was no notification to the seat plan changes or the stop-over on the way home in Glasgow. On checking in we mentioned we’d pre-booked our seats and were told we had booked two aisle seats – we pointed out that that was not the case according to the plan we’d booked on the Globespan website. Apparently the seating arrangement had been changed – again why were we not told?

    The flight was actually delayed for five hours by the time we eventually took off – which again was caused by the wrong seat plan for the plane, so all Premier seat bookings were wrong. Some people had been allocated seats that actually didn’t exist on the actual plane. We had seats J and K on our boarding card, there were no K seats on the flight.

    Again the cabin crew did not know how to resolve the problem and their poor English only frustrated passengers further. Indeed, they showed a total indifference to the situation which was as unprofessional as it was personally insulting to paying customers who had spent the last seven or eight hours sitting in a departure lounge. It was only when the Captain announced on the intercom for people to sit down “anywhere on the plane” that we were able to take off. We even had an announcement on the plane in Italian – which makes you wonder what would happen in an emergency situation.

    When we landed in Glasgow, we were then held on the tarmac for a further two hours because the Glasgow luggage hadn’t been separated from the London Gatwick luggage, so all the bags had to be removed from the plane, checked and re-loaded.

    I have had no reply from e-mails or letters sent to Globespan and when I contacted ABTA I was told that Globespan had resigned and were no longer ABTA members.

  • Va
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I just felt that I had to write to your company to express my dismay at your poor lack of customer service. I have been traveling with your company for the last couple of years and have recommended fly globe span to numerous family and friends raving about the prices etc. However, I traveled with your company on the first week of may to Palma and upon my return journey I had to endure an 8hr delay meaning that instead of getting on my 19.25 flight on the 11th May myself and my friend didn't get on our flight until 3.00am on saturday 12th May which was put down to 'technical difficulties'.

    I understand the problems that may arise with airlines but this really put a dampener on what was otherwise a wonderful holiday. I then traveled with your company on thursday 30th August again to Palma returning again which should have been the 19.25 flight on sunday 2nd September only to arrive at the Airport to yet ANOTHER flight delay until 02.30hrs on Monday 3rd September due to a luggage trolley bumping into the plane?!! I have already booked and paid for another weekend to Palma with your company at the end of September and instead of looking forward to it I am now thinking will I have to endure an 8hr delay for a 3rd time. I should be looking forward to my holiday not dreading it. I cannot express to you how disappointed I am with your airline and how much confidence I have lost with you. I am writing this and don't even know if I will get a reply as I just feel that you're company do not value your customers. After my weekend in Palma I will not be traveling with fly globe span again and I honestly feel that if the company do not address these problems then you will have no company to speak of in a few years as the comments I heard on both delays I endured lead me to believe that people will pay the extra money and go else-where. I am not the sort of person who complains but on this occasion I honestly feel that I have been left with no other option but to express my dissatisfaction with Flyglobespan.

  • Wy
      7th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    DO NOT FLY with Flyglobespan. I had the same problems with them. In my opinion, they truly do not care about their passengers and should be closed down. I chose them for convenience (a direct flight) not for the price as it was definitely not that different from British Airways!

    They give out no information or misleading information regarding delays, charge you for premium economy seats but change planes which are all economy seats and do not offer compensation. They say that they have the right to change planes, itineraries, etc. - obviously just to suit themselves with no regard to their passengers whatsoever.

    Lastly, their customer service is a joke ! It is impossible to get through and they do not reply to letters regarding their appalling service or requests for compensation.

    Do yourself a favor and choose another airline.

  • Re
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    Yes they have recently cancelled my flight and the email they gve to get refund is now non existant..shody.shady, and they are stikll advertising flights.. should not be allowed till the deal with the volume of complaints they are getting at the minute, which ive hear is massive... dare contact me fly globespan and make my day.

  • Al
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    I have just returned from a trip to Spain. On the outbound flight I flew from Edinburgh airport. I was one of the first to check in and when I asked for a window seat I was told because I was travelling alone I had to sit in an aisle seat - the other 2 being used for pairs. I paid £203.98 and felt discriminated by being a lone traveller. I would like to see your policy which relates to this. Being a widow I find it hard enough to travel on my own without being penalised by airport staff.
    I await a reply.
    Yours Sincerely
    Alison Leslie

  • Li
      25th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I recently booked a city break to Barcelona for August, and flyglobespan have since changed our flight times so drastically that it’s reduced our short stay from four days to two! I don’t know what to do as doubt very much we will get our money back. It seems the only option is to either cancel the flights for a fee (we’d get a mere £30 of the original costs back) or go for the two days. So annoying! If you have any advice, it would be great to hear from you.

  • Jo
      14th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Google this airline and you will see the terrible reveiws. Having just endured a 12 hour delay for a 2 hour flight with lie after lie you would be crazy to get on a plane belonging to this airline in my opinion. I have no trust in the company and hope the servicing of the planes is better than that of the customers. Is it only a matter of time? I wouldnt be at all surprised. I will never fly with them again and will make a 4 hour round trip to Doncaster to avoid them.

  • Al
      23rd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    After being in Vancouver airport for over 6 hours to be told that the airline is delaying the flight 5 hours I was more than not impressed. The reason for my travel was to arrive in England to go to my Grandfathers funeral which I was not able to do due to their poor incompetent "We dont really care" service. From reading the previous posts I think first things first they should change their company name. Something along the lines of fits the service that this embarrassment of a company provides. We have ended up cancelling the flights meaning that because of this cowboy establishment/setup I was not able to attend my grandfathers funeral. I personally now, am going to make sure that everyone online and whoever I speak to know that this company is an absolute joke. The only flight of the day that they had and they delay it 5 hours. Its pathetic really. All i can say is if you are reading this save yourself time the energy and fly with a real airline. Every representative for real airline companies throughout the airport said that they are an absolute useless company and that should give up trying to provide a service that they are obviously not able to do. They also said that they are guarenteed to be late and never on time, as shown in posts above which are all about delays. Its really upsetting knowing that because of this excuse of a company i was not able to attend a very important service. Thanks flyglobespan, great service.

  • Ge
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    I feel sorry for the people that have suffered these delays but things must be put in context, I have traveled to Faro from Glasgow on a few occasions over the last two years and have found in the whole that things have always gone as planned, after all you get what you pay for, if it was not for airlines like FlyGlobespan a lot of people would never have the chance to go abroad on holiday, I fly a lot on schedueld airlines and the same things happen with them, I have had quite a few delays and missed quite a few connections due to this but you just have to get on with it.

  • Ca
      21st of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I recently flew from Orlando Fl to Glasgow with an 8 month old i felt the staff were very helpful it is not easy to fly on long trips with an infant but when you have staff that helps with the stroller at security and check in made it possible for me to have an empty seat next to me since the plane was not full made the world of a difference i would fly this airline again in the future

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