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Flyglobespan / Poor service!

1 Schotland Review updated:

When you book fly globespan you virtually give them an open cheque, and frequently don't get what you booked on the web. A few years ago I had few complaints about them, but since their foray into the translantic market, they have not had their troubles to seek. Unfortunately, this has spilled over into their European operations. There is ample scope for expansion into the European/med markets, particularly x Edinburgh. "Stick to what your best at".

Some complainants say they can't contact the company, but I find that if you hassle their customer relations Dept. you will eventually get a patronizing reply. (used to be Mrs. Alison Munro). Any letters addressed to their "Gaffer", Mr. Dalrymple will go through Mrs. Munro's Dept. I have not even bothered to contact them about my present complaint, but simply sent it direct to the local Trading Standards Office. Globespan's standard reply, hiding behind their Terms & Conditions, states quite clearly, that they can make changes without prior notice. (For operational purposes). Not only are some of their prices becoming less competitive, but their unsocial hours of flights this year, has lost them 3 bookings from my family alone.

Last year, a Gent I know wrote & complained that 66.6% of his booked flights had been changed after booking/payment----blank cheque!!! He concluded his letter to Mr. Dalrymple saying " I trust that flyglobespan is not just yet another Edinburgh company run by the renowned Edinburgh Business Ethics. I leave you to draw your own conclusions!!!

I sincerely hope that their greed for profit never ever comprises safety.

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  • El
      6th of Aug, 2007
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    On the 21st of july we arrived at glasgow airport at quarter to 12 for our flight to palma at 2.30 pm and were approached by a woman and asked where we were going and told we were delayed until 8.30pm.

    We were checked in and told to speak to the flyglobespan assisstant at their desk and told we would be provided with dinner at the holiday inn this was fine. Then no new information was being given out so we went through customs to the waiting area and the screen had changed again. No one had gave us an explanation we were just told they are doing all they could. So we were delayed until 9pm. Then the time kept going up and we decided enough was enough the plane had arrived so why were we being delayed again we were told that their was no captain to take us when we asked why the captain who was taking the plane could not take us we were told he was off shift now but they were trying to get another. They gave us £7.00 of vouchers for the restaurants in the airport for something to eat and told the captain was coming from aberdeen and would be here for about 12 o'clock but we could go back through customs if we need a cigarette they would escort us through. Kids are now getting tired as we are as well. We go through customs food establishments are nearly all closed so we went back into the waiting area. 12 o'clock and the pilot is still not here getting angry now a day of our holiday gone. Then we get told that we would get boarding shortly that the captain was not far away. It is now 12.30 and we are starting to board the plane but the captain is still not here. We finally get on the plane and get seated waiting on the captain it is now about 1am and the captain introduces himself and we leave glasgow at 1.30am on the 22nd of july. Lost 2 days as we arrive we are so tired we sleep so two days of my holiday was wasted thanks to fly globespan airlines. If that wasn't bad enough we ended up delayed two hour coming home as well.

  • St
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    Reply to John Deed. What you omitted to mention is that flights during unsocial hours attract substantially reduced landing fees etc etc. This year, globespan flights to Ibiza and Prague are timed to be most inconvenient. But don't be too quick to blame globespan entirely, as I know parents that have taken very young children on the Ibiza flights. My kids would most certainly not be flying at that time of night---they would have been snugly tucked up in a caravan somewhere in UK. The one way to stop this disgrace is to boycott these flights as any responsible parent would do.

  • Ba
      22nd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I live near an international airport in Hamilton, Ontario and was pleased when Flyglobespan started flying from Hamilton to England and I was intending to definitely start flying with them. Imagine how shocked I was to discover that their prices was increased by over 200% to destinations such as Birmingham, Manchester, etc. Needless to say, I won't be travelling with them after all. (P.S. - trying to find an e-mail address for flyglobespan is like looking for a needle in a haystack).

  • Jo
      24th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I fully agree with A McC. Have had kids becoming very restless on late night flights--a sign of the times where parents put their aspirations before the welfare of their children. Airlines, especially "cheeps" couldn't care less as long as they get seats filled.
    However, can't imagine many young kids going to Prague in December. Flight times still unsociable for adults considering you have to make your own way from airport to hotel,---who wants evening meal after 10pm? As A. McC says, boycott these flights.

  • Jo
      8th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Did you see Watchdog on BBC1 last night? They mentioned that in next weeks programme-14/11/07@8pm they are doing an article on Globespan, should make for interesting viewing!!!

    To add your tuppence worth log on to & you can email the team. Things must be pretty bad that watchdog are doing an investigation!!!

  • Do
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    Beware flyglobespan

    I would never book with flyglobespan again. They cancelled our return flight from Palma to Edinburgh 3 weeks and 5 days before the flight date and could only offer an alternative 4 days later. I suggested as a gesture of goodwill they could refund the entire booking price and still let us use the outward flight but they were too tight-fisted to consider such a thing and basically offered only the bare minimum: refund for the leg of the flight that had been cancelled.

    By cancelling the flight at such a late time, they had of course ensured that people had already booked accommodation, airport parking...

    Truly a mean company.

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