Flyer Smart / Only delivered half of our stuff! False info on the site.

United States

Something is wrong here. I placed a order with Flyer Smart, after finding them online. This company claims it has been in business since 1969, but I looked up archived websites and found this company has only been in business since 2014. There is weird, when the internet has been out for a while and they just finally got a website 2 years ago. Something seem fishy, so we were worried about our deliveries. We were right. We had them deliver to an area we been doing for 5 years with another company, but we had to find a new company, because the other company closed down. Flyersmart did our delivery and only delivered HALF our stu[censored] We know, because we know this area and have over 200+ customers in the specific map areas. Only 15 got our flyer. This company is BS and false info on the site.

Flyer Smart
Flyer Smart

Dec 26, 2015

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