Fluidmaster tank flush repair kit / Faulty products

1 2409 Gilley Court, Jasper, AL, United States
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Phone: 205-221-1038

I remodeled an old house to the tune of $198, 000.00 in remodels. I put in 2 Fluidmaster kits in my new elongated commodes. After 4 years, both are running water thru them, just like the old style ones do. I went down to The Home Depot in Jasper, Alabama, associate said all the problem was the repair kit, top that has the washer in it needed to be repelaced. I purchased 2 of those, came home, installed both, still lets water flows thru, even when I lift up on it to stop water. Faulty items, thoroughly disgusted with Fluidmaster. The house I moved form, 2 bathrooms, 2 kits I installed about 18 years ago, never leaked, never had repair, never been replaced. What gives. Have you changed design or cheaper crap in the product???

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