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Ordered a holiday arrangement on 12/23 for my father to be delivered on 12/24 for Christmas. I provided all mine and his contact information in case there were problems with the delivery. Checked online delivery status for the next several days and all it said was pending. Father didn't receive the gift. I sent an email, no response. I called customer service the Saturday after (12/27) and they told me they were not sure what happened but would contact the florist and call me on Monday. Monday came and no call, no flowers. Called Monday afternoon again. Was told the florist had "run out" of that arrangement. I asked them why no one had notified me, they could not explain and no apologies. Its now been a week since I placed the order and very disappointed!


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  •   Mar 18, 2008 - Terrible company!
    12720 I Street Ste 200
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Citizens of North America, think twice before ordering flowers from '' (NetShops, Inc) I did and got stung. It was a very special occasion, for a very special friend, but guess what? No flowers were delivered. shameful. After contacting the company, the very next day via email, No response, no response for several days. i requested a refund, several days later I received a response, stating my credit card would be credited. No explanation, no apologies, no nothing. disgraceful, unprofessional.

    I highly recommended not to use' NetShops, Inc for any occasion. Carrier pigeons would work better than these people!

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  • Kw
      Jun 11, 2008 - Horrible Customer Service
    United States

    2008Several days before Mother's Day, we ordered a bouquet of flowers for my husband's mother. In completing the check out process online, the website asks for a phone number to be contacted in the event of a problem with the order. I made sure to include a good phone number, as this was going to be my mother-in-laws gift. I also included in the type that this was a Mother's Day gift and our card comments also reflected that fact.

    The evening of Mother's Day, my husband called his mother to make sure that the arrangement arrived ok. She said she wasn't sure what he was talking about - that there had been no flower delivery. I logged onto my e-mail account and had sent a cancellation notice to my e-mail. I was very upset.

    On the Monday after Mother's Day, I called They indicated that the local florist ran out of the arrangement we ordered. So instead of substituting an arrangement, they just cancelled the order. I asked why I wasn't called and they told me that their policy is that customers can be notified either by e-mail or by phone, it's's choice. They chose by e-mail so they saw no problem. I asked if they truly believed that customers should sit in front of a PC and refresh their e-mail inboxes with the possibility of a cancellation. I was told, and I quote "that's not their problem".

    Horrible, horrible customer service. Lacking in common sense. No relevant customer contact in the event of a problem.

    I will never use them again. Should you choose to, make sure you request a delivery well in advance (shoots the possibility of sending on a holiday) and please, do not detach yourself for one moment from your e-mail inbox.

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  • Sa
      Aug 25, 2008 - Same Day Delivery Problem
    United States

    This company delivered my flowers a day later than what I was requesting.

    I ordered flowers for my uncle's funeral from this company. I needed same-day-delivery and that was advertised all over their website. On my first attempt to order, I changed the wording of the card. When I went back to do that, the delivery defaulted to two day delivery. I did not notice this until the order was complete and I had received an order confirmation email. I attempted to email the company several times over the weekend and did not receive any response to those until Monday. I attempted to call the company immediately also, but they are only open during the day CST and I live in Hawaii. Consequently, I had to get up at 3am to call them. The first call, after being on hold for 15 minutes!, I was told that the website states that flowers are not delivered on Sundays and the website says that flower delivery is the next day after the order. I went back to the website and looked (now 3:30am) and saw that, it definitly says "Same Day Delivery" if ordered before 2pm, which it was. So, I called the company again. A different sales person told me the best thing I could do was let him cancel the order, and then I could replace the order on my own and since it was still early, the flowers would still be delivered that day. So I did.

    I never received a confirmation of the cancelation so I emailed the company again about that later that same day. Meanwhile, I thought my second order would arrive ontime.

    Keep in mind, in every email I asked them to call me on my cell phone number. I never received a call from them, only emails.

    The next day, Monday, I received an email saying that my first order had been canceled, but that the second delivery would arrive on Monday the day AFTER the funeral. So, not only did the flowers miss the funeral, but the wording on the card was written specifically for the day of the funeral and would sound weird on Monday.

    This company caused me a lot of aggrevation. They are not clear enough about their shipping on the website. Their customer service people are not on the same page. Do not use them if you need flowers to arrive on a certain day.

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  • Jo
      Feb 16, 2009

    I also had a bad experience with I used their website to order Valentines Day flowers and paid a premium for "Same Day Delivery". Three days after Valentines Day, the bouquet has still not shown up. A flower store that cannot deliver flowers ... I guess they were busy with their other lines of business?!

    Avoid. With this kind of service they will be out of business soon enough.

    JL (Seattle, WA0

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