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This is the WORST co. I have ever dealt with. DO NOT BUY A THING FROM THEM. They do not respond, good luck trying to speak w/anyone, nothing is delivered on time, and the quality is GARBAGE. Returns... read all, but even after cancelling one of my orders before they even processed it; they charged a restocking fee (it never shipped or left their place) plus the $40. + tax for the shipping that never happened . This Co. SUCKS!!! If you don't believe me check out the nightmares alot of others had by google search "flowergirldressforless complaints" go to these,,, and just to name a few. Only good thing is that the dress wasn't needed for a wedding, that could have ruined the most important day for any bride . BEWARE!!! SHOP ELSE WHERE AND CHECK OUT COMPLAINTS BEFORE YOU BUY

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      Sep 27, 2010

    Dear Reader,
    We are writing to address this misguided attack made on the reputation of our company. We are a flower girl dress company that has been in this business for over 10 years and been blessed to dress over a million flower girls for their special day. We find it unfortunate to be addressing a matter such as this; however, we wanted to be able to share with you the following facts involved in this situation:

    -5/21-Friday- Client Maureen McCarthy placed an order online for (1) pageant dress with free ground shipping.

    -After our office closed, the client emailed to us saying that she forgot to select air shipping and so she wanted for us to upgrade her order as well as have a bun-wrap added to her order.

    -On Monday 5/24 (8:20am PST- when we reopened), we emailed her back saying that we would be more than happy to upgrade her order to 2nd day air for $21.94 as well as have the bunwrap added to her order for the $9.99 cost of the item- we simply needed credit card information to be able to take care of this for her.

    -5/25-Tuesday (1:36pm PST), we still had not yet heard back from the client advising how she wanted to proceed. Therefore, we sent her a follow-up email and advised that if we did not hear back from her by 10am PST on the following business day, that we would be shipping her order as it was placed- however, the client still did not respond to this email.

    -5/26- Wednesday 5/26 (that morning)- we shipped her order. We still had not heard back from the client and as stated in the email sent to her from the day before, we shipped out the clients order as it was placed with the ground shipping due to her lack of response to our emails about upgrading to a method of air shipping. *Please note in our experience, a lot of clients email about air shipping and then do not want to go through with adding air shipping and therefore never email back in. That is why we advise in our emails that if we do not hear from you, then we will ship as ordered. In the past we have been blamed for not shipping an order, therefore we always ship unless we are told to hold the order.

    -5/26- Thursday (7:50pm PST- after business hours), the client emailed saying that she placed an entirely new order with 2nd Day air which included both the dress and the additional item that she needed; however, she stated in her own words: “If I don't have it by Friday 5/28 then just cancel the order…If you can't get this to me by 5/28 don't bother shipping.” (Please note, the client did not place this second order in time to receive it by 5/28- our site states that orders require one day for processing and one day for shipping).

    -5/26- Thursday (8:00pm PST- after business hours), the client emailed us advising that the order was needed by 5/28; however, her order has already shipped out as of earlier that morning. This was the first time we had been told a date and we could not upgrade that UPS box as it was already with UPS coming to her. Had we even tried to get this shipment upgraded and paid UPS, they still could not make that date that she had just let us know about. At this point we were helpless in helping her. Even the 2nd order would not have made it on time- as she placed it Wednesday night and if it had shipped on Thursday- it would not have made it on 2nd day air.

    -5/27- Friday (6:56am PST), the client requested the second order to be canceled. Per the client’s request, the order was cancelled under our Policy which is less 15% (which was agreed to through checkout under the Terms and Conditions of the sale, along with the Credit Card Holder Agreement that the client knowingly acknowledged and accepted upon the placing of the order. The fee covers the banking and credit card processing fees that are deducted when a client places an order). She claims that we charged a restocking fee- however, that is not true. She also claims that we charged her tax, however, that is not correct either as she is out of state and no tax was collected.

    -The client was issued refunds on both orders that she placed- including the dress that was shipped. We deducted a total of 19.45 in the cancellation and 10.00 for the original free shipping that was received. Please note that even though she said that she needed the dress for an event that weekend, the box was opened and the dress was taken out and was with her almost 2 weeks before sending it back.

    -On 6/3, the client filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau stating that “we did not ship her order in a timely manner…and emailed for days with no response”. This is simply not true- We had sent multiple emails and follow-up emails to the client requesting her urgent response so that we could get her order shipped by the date needed- and also offering to adjust her existing order with upgraded shipping so that it would arrive in time.

    We did verify that the emails that were sent to her where received. She even used the same email address to file the complaint with the BBB, so we know that this is a working email. Instead of contacting me as the owner (my email is with BBB) or even contacting our CSR department, she simply went to the BBB. We had no other choice but to defend ourselves with the facts. After going through the BBB process, the BBB shut down the case in our favor on June 20th.

    So now we are in September- it has now been over 3 months and yet she is still looking for ways to defame our company’s good name. As soon as we learned about her most recent malicious postings, we immediately placed a total of three phone calls to her in which we left her voice mails on 9/10/10 at 10:24am PST and on 9/13 at 9:06am PST when we simply asked that she contact us back so that we could come to some sort of mutual understanding on this matter.

    All of this over $29.45 – I feel badly that she has tried so hard to damage our good name over $29.45. Most importantly that this could have been resolved without her creating such negativity had she only contacted us.
    The facts are that she did not place her order in a timely manner to arrive to her by the needed date that we did not know about that date until 1 day before she needed it and the other box had already shipped. We incurred the cost of her dress, the credit card fees of her original order, the shipping of that dress, then again the credit card fees from the 2nd order. We have spent huge amount of staffing resources with her 2 orders, then again with the BBB, and then again with this complaint including calls to her to work this out which she will not respond to.
    Because this client has placed this on public forums, and if there are any questions to this response, they may be directed to me as the owner as I will be more than happy to answer any questions about this.

    As you can see, extensive amount of time has gone into this situation including labor and heartache that must be taken into account for these malicious attacks. As the reader, it is our hopes that you can understand the situation and the stance that our company has taken on this issue. Unlike any of my competitors, I have personally been working in the garment business for 23 years. My business was built on word of mouth and in all my years of doing business I would have never thought that someone would take such a personal attack against the business that I love so much. Any of the vendors that we have relationships with will tell you that we work hard and are always on the side of helping our clients- even taking loss or working overtime to help get an order to a client. Also I encourage you to take a look at the comments on our site from clients that have written in- read them and make a decision. You have to think about being in the bridal business for all this time and that we have dressed over a million flower girls- that is a lot of mothers and brides that we have taken care of. We have worked hard to be the place that clients come back to. I find it very unfortunate that this particular person has taken an attack and find it necessary to blame us for their poor planning as we worked around the clock to try an accommodate her requests and to make this a special day for her and her daughter.

    As of writing this response, the client has been issued a final refund of $29.49. In looking back, I just wish that she would have contacted us and again- it must be mentioned that we only knew of her upset through her submitting her complaint to the Better Business Bureau back in June 2010 and her most recent posting as of September 2010 through this forum.

    It is our sincere hopes that as the reader, you are able to see the facts of this situation and can better sort through the truth behind this and understand that our goal in being in this flower girl business has always been- and will remain to be fair and honest with our customers and to work diligently in all of their requests.

    Update to this as of 9.28- we contacted the BBB again regarding this complaint and they advised that she could be leagally liable for these unfounded postings.

    Belinda Sarooei
    Owner, Flower Girl Dress For Less, Inc.

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