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I just want comsumers to be aware of this company and the way they conduct business. I was on-line & picked out a arrangement I liked but called the 800# to make sure the flowers were not going to come in the mail in a box. As I was on the phone the CS person told me to just place the order with her and I would still be able to use my 10.00 coupon code. So I went through everything and she asked me if I wanted express delivery for 4.99 more, I declined. I asked for the total & she said it would be sent in an email. THAT IS SHADY! I asked again for the total at the same time I was looking @ my email and there was no confirmation from them. I again asked & was told she could not give me a total so, I demanded to speak to some one who could. I was put on hold and while waiting I called my bank, they informed me that there was a 57.00 charged waiting for approval! 57.00 for flowers that were 26.00! When some one finally came back on from I requested to cancel the order. Again on hold! Then a "Supervisor" came on and offered me 5.00 off my order. Apparently they never gave me the 10.00 I was suppose to get. I again requested to cancel the order and the "Supervisor" kept going in circles about giving me a discount. Who the hell charges more money for the delivery than the flowers? Finally I received a confirmation letter that they cancelled the order. I called a local flower shop in the area where I want the flowers to be delivered and they were nice and didn't charge a delivery fee. Saved me 25.00

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  • Je
      Feb 16, 2011 - Charged for Flowers that were never delivered
    United States

    I ordered Valentine Day flowers for my mother on Feb 1st. I paid extra for a guarantee Valentine's Day delivery. The flowers never came and had already charged my credit card. This website is a fraud. I filed a compliance & a fraud report with my credit card and the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT USE THEIR FLOWER.COM Site. The customer service department NEVER anwers the phone. When you get a chance to speak with someone, no one seems to understand what is going on or where your order is. This was the worse experience ever!!!

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  • Pa
      Feb 17, 2011

    I was impressed with their Valentine offer of flowers and berries.
    I have never bought products of the radio before so I thought I would give your offer a try.
    they said the price was $29.99 + shipping
    Well did you know that the shipping ended up more that the deal.
    There was a charge for shipping of $9.99 standard shipping on the flowers
    A charge of $9.99 for shipping the berries
    A charge of $5.99 for Valentine day delivery on the flowers.
    A charge of $5.99 to deliver the berries Saturday (for some reason the flowers and the berries could not be delivered together on the same day)
    According to the person on the on the phone I did not need to pay the extra shipping if I did not the flowers would be delivered until the 15th Feb and the berries would be delivered 16th Feb.
    Great Offer and a great RIP-OFF.

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