Florist KL Malaysia changed items & non - attempted delivery

This online florist from Malaysia operating in 3 states in Malaysia ( KL, JB & Penang) and Singapore does promised and yet did not deliver on time. I ordered a Mother's Day special and paid close to AUD125 equivalent of RM400 items and was short changed by this company. They accepted payment of items of Tatters Bear at a value of RM68each and delivered only one bear which is an imitation. When being contacted, they rectify situation by promising to re- deliver but it never happened. When you message them, they refuse to reply. They are operating on such a big website and have PAYPAL service for international buyers like myself. Yet, they blatantly cheat you out of their products and failed promises. This had not only caused my Mother's Day surpise to my loved oned completely destroyed. Delivering such a cheapskate item when I thought I have paid for a real genuine item is like daylight robbery and cannot be trusted.

May 14, 2017

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