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Florida Solar!! Avoid them at all cost as it has cost us 1000's!! Our system was installed for our pool 5 years ago for OVER 14, 000 dollars. Has leaked for 4 of the 5 years. One month our water bill was 548 dollars.. Bought the "14 year warranty" on the panels and the warranty is worthless if you can't get them to replace the worthless panels. I have been nice until two days ago. Now, it's time for an attorney. Our new metal roof which was installed about three months prior to the panels being installed is now rusted through and amazingly ONLY where the "non leaking" (as they describe it) panels are located.. We also have over 100 manatees in the canal on a daily basis that are located only 53 feet from the water that is seeping from our pool through the "non leaking" solar panels into this same canal. How "green" can this company really be when they don't even care about this fact... I'm done. Anyone know of a very good attorney that would like to handle a product liability case? I'd just like the damn thing to work properly for more than 5 days without me having to call and complain AGAIN!

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      4th of Apr, 2012

    Update on our complaint about Florida Solar.
    Ok.. So here is the update to the above complaint I posted. This morning I recieved a message from the owners' son, Ronnie, about our leaking panels and roof damage asking for me to call him directly. By 10 am there was a crew of three here to repair and replace EVERYTHING that needed to be done to resolve our problem! I also recieved a phone call from Ron Brewer Sr., owner of Florida Solar. (his name used with his permission) He wanted to make sure everything was being taken care of. It seems as though there were a few employees in the office of Florida Solar that didnt seem to care very much about customer service and they have been given a bit of time to think about what the lack of customer care truly means to a company. Ron Sr. asked that I post his name as if there are others of you out there that have been getting the run around from his staff, PLEASE give him a call and the problem in question will be resolved. I can attest to this first hand. I had just posted the complaint more out of venting than thinking anyone would read it and ACTUALLY solve the problem. Boy, was I mistaken. All better now and the roof damage is to be repaired / replaced permenantly when it is convenient for us to have it taken care of. For now, it is patched and good to go. Ron Sr. and Ronnie, thank you very much for making this right! You have restored my faith in American customer service values. I am sure this wasn't resolved by the threat of a lawsuit but was truly a case of employees not understanding a true problem, and then not passing along the information to those who needed to know. Thank you again and I am sure I will not be hearing dollars and cents leaking away into the gutter tonight.

    Robert M. Orth

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