Florida DCF food assist ACCESS websitenew website had wrong info. so my son gets no food

The Florida DCF created an online tool for requesting public assistance, renewals of those and updating info. Sadly, as usual, the website software that pulled information from their database DID NOT THE CORRECT DATA FOR THE RECIPIENT! Thanks to this, I thought I was far away from a Renewal on 12/15/15, but in fact was only 1 month away, 11/15/2014. Something not their fault, was their renewal letter showing up almost a month late from the USPS in a clear bag expressing their apologies. But Florida Dept of Children and Families DID NOT want to see this bag or take into account that I was going to be late because their initial info. on ACCESS online was wrong. I had to reapply for food assistance and got everything to them by 12/3/14-record time. it was the same info-no changes, so this should have been fast. 2 CSRs said they would put thru a "Courtesy" reminder. NOW IT'S 12/23--2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, AND I HAVE NO FOOD FOR 11 YR OLD SON! I have paid into all "Safety net" programs since I was 14, but my son will go hungry on Christmas eve ans Christmas day, They have BAD data! BTW--after I told them, they went in and deleted ANY renewal date for food assist.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tallahassee, FL MY son has medium level Autism, and will only eat certain things. I can't just find an xmas soup kitchen and he will eat. FLORIDA IS THE WORST STATE FOR HELPING THEIR CITIZENS. Again, BTW-the phone and address is DCF Legal department, so feel free to contact them about your situation because it's probably illegal and has a ruling against it in the FL statutes. I cannot believe that they messed up data queries incorrectly for my UC and I had to go thru hoops of appeals to the top to get them REVERSED in 12/2010, and then they never paid the approved UC--thousands. Now this!! No State could be as bad with their IT dept and CSRs and situations that will not be looked at individually. All I hear is "We have 30 days to renew". How would they like to hear that when they are facing telling their son that no, we can't buy a Chicken, corn and biscuits for Christmas dinner?? My lord--it's cheap but his favorite and he will go hungry! Thank you Florida DCF, Dept of Children and Families for screwing up transferring data from one portal to another and doing it WRONG! DCF knew there was bad data, and did not put in any type of help when that wrong data caused a problem!! There are real people who suffer. Cynthia Dougherty Orlando, FL

Dec 23, 2014

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