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Florida Child Support Program / Terrible experience!

1 P.O Box 8500Tallahassee, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-7690251

I'm a father that has always paid my child support on time, I was ordered to pay the custodial parent directly , and I have for about 6 years, then I get a letter telling I now have to send the payments to FLDSU, I have now done this for a year, mail the check with a coupon, now I get a letter telling me that they are now taking it from my paycheck bi weekly which I was already doing.

This entity is a money wasting business, why should we pay for this service if you are already doing what is asked of you, since they step in and starting doing this, I was not given a start date for the IDO (income deduction order) so I mailed my normal payment to them and when my check stubb was mailed 2 days later they have already taken the payment from my check, so naturally I stop payment on the checks I have sent, why double pay the support. Plus I 'am not order to pay what they have sent to my ex-.

SO they have no regard for the fathers, I do understand that a lot of fathers may not pay, but to do this to a father that pays his support and all insurance needs for their child is a crazy. Since this has happened I have spent 3 days and countless minutes on hold trying to let them know that I stop payments on those checks, I have encountered customer service reps who do not know what to do and tell me this is not their department, and that there is a book of rules on what to do, well I have looked at every website concerning the FLDSU and cerks office there are no rules.

I cannot get a hold of anyone to rectify the situation, only that I will now be charged 20.00 per check for stopping payment. See the CS reps know how to tell what money you owe but nothing else. And the sad thing is they are ignorant to their own policies and have no regard for anyone. This is a waste of tax payers money and I here all these cut backs are being done, I got and idea start your cutback here. We are paying them not to do their jobs.

I still can not get a hold of anyone regarding my matter and they mailed a check for a double payment that commonsense would have told that we just took a direct withdrawal and these payments need to be mailed back. Now I have to wait for them to send me a letter telling how I'm delinquent and I'm not even behind. I do not know why they have all those phone numbers when you can't get a answer from one of them.


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  • Al
      29th of Feb, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Not only do I agree, but have experience this on both higher and lower levels.

    Horrible, uninformed, lackadaisical, devil-may-care and lazy. No one ever answers.

    I expect the worst, and so does everyone I know. Sadly, it's a top-down problem. Bad leadership equals worse results.

    They can't do anything. They're a stop-gap for the people who do have the info.

    Sad but typical Florida.

  • Ni
      4th of Mar, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Guliver, you are an exception, not the majority. Most fathers stop caring about the child about the same time they decide they hate the mother that gave birth to it: divorce time.

    I wish you well because it sounds like you are trying hard, and I hope, keeping your records straight so you dont end up in arrears in the states head.

  • Ma
      5th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    My husband abandoned me and my three kids back in June 2007. I went to bed one night and woke up he had packed his stuff and disappeared throughout the night. He called me a couple of days later and told me that he was tired of being a father and husband . I proceeded to the child support office in Clewiston Florida to file my case.. at that time I knew he would head home to his moms house in Hickory North Carolina. I gave them all kinds of information to help in serving him. I even notified them of his exact wereabouts when one day he called me to let me know he was sending $50.00 for three growing toddlers. I notified them of his history of dodging child support and that were legally married. I had known of his exact location in Newton North Carolina for about 6 months up to December 2007. When I talked to my Florida case worker they notified me my case would only stay open for 3 years from the time I filed. They told me to call North Carolina and find out how long they would keep the case open I was sent a letter asking me not to contact them but to contact my Florida case worker. I notified both states of a cell phone number he calls me from sometimes. I just want my kids the financial help that they deserve. I have two going into kindergarten and one still in pre-school. I work full time 40 + hrs and I just make ends meet not leaving much left over. With the economy getting bad it is sad that their father has not helped me with the financial well being. He is also driving around with a suspended CDL license. He also has warrants out for his arrest here in Florida and in North Carolina. His name is Daniel Gene Adams he is habitual with child support dealings. There is also a active child support order on him for his twin daughters in Virginia.

  • Ta
      21st of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    You know what is not so funny about all this bs. My ex has his check garnished every 2 weeks when they get paid, but it takes a week to 4 weeks for us to even get to see the money. They say they have not recived it. But I know the company sent it out and what day they send it. Our money is sent out 2 days before he see's his check. But yet this is suposed to make sure he don't skip out on his payments. I went 2 months without a penny. but it comne out his check (i seen his pay stubs) this is another way for the goverment to play with our money.

  • St
      18th of Jun, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I pay for 2 children. I do not get to see them they do not care about that, she took off and I do not even know where she is child support does but I don't. She lives off foodstamps medicaid and disability even though there is nothing wrong with her. She is just lazy. Where is her financial support to these children. With my support she gets over twice as much as me while sitting on her butt eating bon bons traveling the country with her new boyfreing that the welfare does not know is in the house, but they dont care. She had no running water but they did not care about thqt either. The one kid failed school and she has moved 7 times. She got 12, 000 and bought a tatoo a dog and other useless stuff and called me a week later and begged for money. DEADBEAT DADS lol what about deadbeat moms and dads have no darn rights we are just ousted no one long as we pay for the foodstamps that they use. I think the laws for child support need to be reformed the last time they were was in 1983.

  • Su
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I work with this stuff, have for fifteen years, support enforcement started out as department of health and rehabilitative services, now DOR does it but the problem is they transfered the same ignoramouses to DOR from HRS and so nothing got any better. Then we had the fiasco with the state welfare computer quite a few years ago with EDS, if you want to be all fuzzy think about the fact that it's this dysfunctional computer system that's handling your support checks. Someone is making millions on the central depository because they do next to nothing electronically it's all couriered so someone is making a fat pile of $$$ off the float time.

    The federal government says to do XXXX and that's all they do, not one smidgeon more and at least in Pinellas County we constantly have problems with DOR picking and choosing whom they do anything for. They've had administrative judge authority for several years but they never seem to use it, simple problems that they can fix right in the office don't get fixed...they make the mess and it's up to the party to go have a judge tell them to fix it. There is no oversight of how the system is run period, they seem to do what they want and policies seem to vary even between offices. No, they don't enforce visitation even though I'm told that the original federal mandate may have told them to...but every state has chosen not to...the feds do nothing.

    In Pinellas County we so far still have the information and resource center 727-582-7200 who can give general procedures and supreme court/locally approved form packages for some issues that come up a lot and basic procedure information on how to try to fix some of the problems that people encounter a lot (like double payments, what to do when you get ssd, stuff like that). When people represent themselves in Florida that's exactly what that means, you represent yourself, hearings generally don't get set automatically and no one at the court can help you fill anything out or be your advocate because that would be a conflict of interest.

    Folks like the bar, community law programs and legal aid often have clinics where you can ask questions and get help filling out forms...if you have a mess you just have to dive in and slowly try to untangle the mess, if you just sit back and try to ignore it then it can only get worse not better. Consider that these days a large support arrears will get you denied a passport and there is actually a federal crime on the books about crossing state lines when you owe a large back support amount--never heard of anyone being prosecuted with that but it's there.

    The states are generally out to try to collect any welfare money they pay out but if you find out the ex is committing fraud you have to turn them in yourself (The Auditor General's office in Tampa does it in this area) the support enforcement agency generally feels no obligation even if you walk up to them with incontrovertible truth. I fully agree the system is broken, they do as little as possible and it's nearly impossible to do anything to them when they mess up. The system the way it's run is a big fat circle jerk where no one is really informed of what they need to do when they get a letter stating their license is going to be suspended etc. Of course the biggest mistake parties make is they don't keep their address current with the clerk of the court. In most situations if mail is sent to the last address in your court file that is acceptable and the hearing can go on whether you knew about it or not and warrants can be issued etc when you weren't there to defend yourself. You have to stay on top of your case, ask millions of questions and if DOR is involved expect them to be trying to screw you over at every turn just because they're freaking incompetent.

  • Ni
      3rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    The state of Florida child support system sucks ### for both custodial & noncustodial parents. I am a custodial parent and my husband is noncustodial they really need to get their ### together and do what they're here for. The customer service center is a joke. Don't worry you parents out there that are noncustodial that get treated like ###, we custodial parents get the same treatment. They have a bunch of monkeys in their call center to service this state. It's ridiculous.. locate services? I went online and found my daughters father (a service I paid for out of my own pocket) after two years of waiting for Florida to find him and when I mentioned it to the people at my local office she said and I quote "Good for you". I call every single week sometimes twice a week now just to ask for an update. I'm sure they love me :D

  • Ma
      7th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree that the enforcement people are worthless. They closed the case on my daughter and never notified me. She's 16 and I hadn't received support since she was 6 months old. I asked how they closed the case and they told me they thought I moved to Conyers, GA - no - that was Robert Klepak, her father that moved and I was still in Tampa. Then I had to pay and reopen her case. I have his address, his website advertising for his companies complete with bragging of their success. To date - nothing! They had to verify his address in Conyers, which took forever, even though he has a driver's license and represents his neighborhood at local govt. meetings - all documented online. Then he married a millionaire and lives in a large estate home, which he should have community property rights to after all these years of marriage. I finally got a letter telling me they would intercept his IRS refunds. Nothing yet. He is not listed as a deadbeat dad in GA, he is trying to get his law license back (he lost in in GA and in Illinois and is a convicted felon). He had insurance licenses in Florida and Georgia. He still has his passport and drivers license. He was ordered to pay a whopping $200 a month and can't do that, which he could make at MacDonalds. When I called to find out what was going on in the case, Florida claimed they had requested GA to act on the case. So I emailed that info to GA and lo and behold they claimed Florida had never sent them anything. I emailed Gov. Crist with both Florida's side and Georgia's response and got a letter of apology from Florida that they thought they had sent a request to GA, but apparently they hadn't byt would now. At least they did contact Georgia at that point, but still no money, no loss of licenses in GA, no contempt of court, and no jail time for the NCP. I am sure if I was collecting Welfare and Medicaid they would be a little more diligent in their efforts.

  • Ch
      19th of Aug, 2008
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  • Th
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    I have kept my mouth shut for 11 years. My husband paid 175.00 weekly b4 divorce in 98. Was ordered less after divorce, became disabled in 2000. I moved in so he could have elec., water, physical & emotional suppport. I own my own home & did this to keep aroof over his head. In 2007 he finally got SSDI, ex rec'd 45000.oo+ He got 53000.00. But has to pay back LTD over 80000.00. He has always paid on time w/ no arrears. Now she cost s 5000.00 to hire an attn. We won, only because I looked up case summaries from other states. There S/B A Naticchia law in Fl now. He got a big 17000.00 and now she wants to go back to 1999 for medical expenses. The worst is he was never informed of the surgery his daughter had.(In same town).
    Now she wants him to still pay future med. etc. She has 25000.00+ & gets 867.00 mnthly over doubled he was ordered. No money, no defense...
    Good guys finish last.
    Anyone know of HELP?
    Thanks, Tery

  • Li
      8th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    What do you expect from a system that is so bogged down with new Child Support claims everyday? I've been tracking my son's father for 5 years and he's only paid one month. I have done all the leg work, DOR Child Support is just an office that pushes papers. The less paper the better, they get thousands of claims, I don't blame them for trying to eliminate some of the waste.

  • Lo
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I work in the Court system and see and hear the same things every day! I cannot believe that a system such as CSE that should be working and assisting people, depends SOLELY on their stupid computer system. In other words, I was told by a local office that since it did not SHOW on their COMPUTER SYSTEM ABOUT HOW MUCH CHILD SUPPORT payments were being made, they could not schedule, or do anything with a particular case that a client that they represented was trying to get (listen to the key word----ENFORCE). You've got to be JOKING, is what I thought! I am appalled, and I feel sorry for anyone that has to go through such a worthless program that is suppose to ENFORCE. haha. And to feel threatened by MY job in the next couple months as far as budget cuts...they definitely need to make a change with CSE because I have NO IDEA HOW ANYONE COULD CLASSIFY THIS PROGRAM WITH THE WORD ENFORCEMENT IN IT, BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET THAT THEY HAVE EVEN TRIED TO ENFORCE. THEY ARE TRULY A JOKE!

  • Jd
      19th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    florida is a big joke, anyway, but yes their system sucks. whether its the corrupt judges that either misread, misunderstand the support laws when they 'decide', or they legislate from the bench, the MAN always pays more than the state law requires. im an attorney that was in family court in NM but moved to FL because i got sick of the desert. in my 5 yrs here(sarasota) i have been able to QUIT working all other cases except men jilted by family court judges (custody, visitation and child support) my advice is men, buck up! know that there are advocates for you all over the state! PAY ALL SUPPORT ORDERED, even if it means you must move back home with momma. if your lawyer can wade through the BS and get the order reduced...SURPRISE the old arrears will be there. they will not go way. never. ive tried. i once worked with a man working 2 jobs as a dishwasher and gas station clerk ordered to pay 2000 (yes, thats TWO THOUSAND) dollars a month by a feminist judge, even though he only made 1700 TOTAL per month. he paid what he thought was fair (against my advice) in the amount of 500 per month (for ONE child) forward 2 YEARS, i got his 'punishment' reduced to 50 a week, but lo and behold, the arrears were upheld and BAM he lost his license. he then moved out of state and i havent heard hide nor hair of him...i hope he stopped paying altogether.
    CHILD SUPPORT IS BEING USED AS PUNISHMENT, MEN! wake up! you are a source of income for FL, sad but true. good luck to you, you'll need it.

    dont even get me started with visitation and custody, sheesh.

    -FL mens rights lawyer.

  • Pb
      1st of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Florida child support enforcement agency is a private agency that is contracted by the government I think. If they are some one needs to make sure their contract is not renewed!! They are criminalizing an entire generation of good young men and women! It is horrific what they do. It is worse than Hitler. Good young men and women are being put in jail losing their jobs and having their lives ruined, by computer mistakes, incompetency and uncaring people who so called run these offices. I have seen and heard of countless young people losing their jobs, drivers licenses, and having their LIVES WRECKED, by the uncaring MISTAKES and stupid
    formalities and protocols made by the agency. It is an APOSTASY what is happening!
    The taxpayer is also a victim because of the severe incompetency, wasted money and UNPRODUCTIVE outcomes of the BEAST! I hear tale that the county Sheriff's offices have rooms FULL waist high with arrest warrants for hardworking men and women, for us tax payers to support in JAIL, if they are arrested. Not to mention they will LOSE their JOBS. Speaking of jobs; HOW CAN SOMEONE DRIVE TO WORK without a drivers license!!!???? That is the STUPIDEST action I have EVER heard of! It is unconstitutional I don't care what anyone says. The Bible even says: "If a man owes you money, and uses a millstone to earn his money..DON'T take his millstone away"! is he supposed to earn money to pay a debt if he can't drive to work!!!
    I have never been personally associated with this but am a Grandmother visiting friends in Fl. and have heard HORROR tales from other Grandmothers is sewing circles etc. It has infuriated me so much I actually thought about paying a visit to the congressmen here to try to get them to take actions to remedy the horrendous situations. Someone needs to start a reform group and get something done about this pronto. Young people are losing their livelihoods and becoming burdens to the poor taxpayers, not to mention probably angry and hateful citizens after dealing with the horrors!
    I feel so sorry for the young men and women today. And I feel sorry for all of us tax payers.
    Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful Holiday season.
    P. Brown

  • Di
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    My son was born in September 2000. His biological father and I were not planning on having a child so imagine my shock when I found out. But, seeing as how I did the deed, I can take the consequences.

    Fast forward 6 years... his biological father has never wanted or tried to see him (or if he did he would never follow through with what he "promised"). I filed for location assistance and other help through the local CSE office (Pensacola FL - Escambia county). They never found him. I FOUND HIM and notified them... their reply was silence over the telephone.

    Fast forward 2 more years... I have yet to see anything. We were both sent papers where they wanted him to pay $ 14, 000 back pay/arrears AND 300$ per month. He was contesting that so we went to a hearing where we were in front of a judge on a TV screen (She was in Tallahassee). She found the ruling to be fair and ordered him to pay $16, 675 arrears and $396 a month child support AND put the child on HIS health insurance. He was to make the first payment BEFORE OR ON (but no later than) October 2008. Guess what... nothing. He didnt get the child on the insurance until October 22 2008 (that was supposed to be done by the first of Oct 08 also). He is still getting away with everything! I got a copy of the order signed by the judge, and inside the envelope was a signed income deduction order the judge (supposedly) sent to his employer. Well, here it is already the 3rd of December 2008 and not ONE PENNY has been deducted from his pay, nor has he paid anything himself... and as far as I can tell, there is NO INSURANCE either.

    Every call to the "Customer Service Center" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The reps there are about as intelligent as a sack of nails. My houseplants have more courtesy and knowledge than them people. They can NEVER tell you the same thing, even though they are READING it just as you are RIGHT NOW... on a COMPUTER SCREEN! They are always quick to tell you to "be patient" or "there is no new activity" or "we did such a such so I cant tell you anything new". He still has his OWN BUSINESS, his driver license, and his FULL PAYCHECKS every two weeks. It is ALL TOTAL B.S. AND COMPLETELY THE WORST WASTE OF MONEY I HAVE EVER SEEN! Forget the budget cuts to the other areas... lets cut the unnecessary spending that the Dept of Revenue is doing and get some REAL RESULTS.

    I have been raising the child ON MY OWN for just over EIGHT YEARS. That is NOT FAIR to me or HIM!!!

    Now, I do NOT believe all men are that way. I do believe that some are fairly decent and do care for the child(ren) that they helped create. I wish you good guys out there could talk some sense into these ignorant ones some of us are dealing with. I am not trying to go after him for everything he has got (which isnt much... trust me on that one). I just want what is rightfully owed to my child and I. FINANCIAL HELP FROM HIM!

    jennyrae0209 at aol dot com is my email addy if anyone here knows how I can get some d*mn RESULTS!

    Jennifer in Pensacola, Florida

  • Kr
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I can't believe I came across this site and all of these comments, I thought my husband and I were alone with the problems we have encountered with the Child Support Enforcement Department of Revenue in Florida. WHAT A FREAKIN' NIGHTMARE!!

    I can't get them to do anything about my ex not paying, Dave McClung is over $12k in arrears and we can't get them to stop messing with my current husband who pays his support directly from his check.

    I have a number for Joel Hardy and his supervisor Karen (don't know her last name) 850-488-2321. This number was given to me after I emailed 1 term Charlie (Crist) about the trouble I was having with this department. They really aren't to much help, but the more complaint calls they receive, the better. The squeaky wheel gets the oil (I hope).

    There really does need to be huge changes to this department and their policies. In fact a complete overhaul would be great!!

    The hell my husband and I have been through with this department for the last four years is unbelievable. One of the worst is that they claimed my husband was 12 weeks in arrears, he was 3 and it was because he had lost his job, the department sent an income deduction order to his employer to take an additional 20% out of his check, when he called the customer service (and I use that term loosley) first he was told by some complete idiot and I quote "maybe it was cuz you was in arrears 12 weeks ago" he hung up on her and her ebonics and called back the next day only to be told that the DOR had no record of an income dectuct letter go to his employer so they couldn't help. It didn't matter that his employer had this letter and he had a letter, the DOR had no record of it. After almost a year, we hired an attorney and received a $1700 credit, but the damned attorney cost us $1500. This is just one of the horror stories we have with this department!!

    Really, is there something that can be done? I have asked an attorney if a class action law suit could be started but she told me no tthe CSE DOR has so much protection we would never get through. I don't fully agree with this because on their website they claim to do all these things to help the NCP pay easier and to help the CP get the money owed to the children. Isn't that false advertisement or something?

    There has to be something that we can do. Not just the party receiving the support, but also for the party that has to pay it. The guidelines are ridiculous, way to much money is being COURT ORDERED for the NCP to pay in some cases. And what is the point of it being court ordered if the courts won't do anything to help you collect?????? Why bother?

    my email is if anyone has info or is interested in trying to get something together to try to rally to get this crap fixed. I am at my wits end with this stuff and there really doesn't seem to be anyone anywhere that can do anything to help.

    Kim Robinson

  • Sa
      10th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I work for an Attorney and we do Family Law matters. The reason why I think that this is a much needed program is because of the dead beat dads/moms who DONT pay their child support. I am sorry that YOUR experience was such a bad one (and the thought that you have to go through the program at all is inappropriate in my opinion since you say that you never missed a payment before this took effect), but you do have to understand that this is much needed for the single moms and dads whose counterparts are not as responsible as you!

  • Ma
      12th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Not all Child Support Offices are as bad as Florida's. I live in California and the system really works, not perfect but at least parents that are paying on time, are credited to their account and if there are behind they fix the problem in your first visit to the local agency. My brother lives in Florida and he is been paying on time, but his account shows an stupid amount of arrears, his tax return is being held and license suspended. He is been trying and praying for SOMEONE to fix this problem since 8 months ago. Hello Florida, this is the new era, new systems are created and they are left behind, no wonder why the rest of the country talks so about about Florida. Good luck guys and thanks for being responsible parents, God will bless your some way some day!

  • Ro
      24th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Since I cant do anything about it, I will complain here. I have paid over $40, 000 in the last 9 years in Child support. Sometimes, I had to make big payments becuae that's how I get paid. As a result of being behind, I have had my CDL DL suspended 3 times. It had no effect on me paying an arrearage, if you don't have it, you don't have it. When I got it I paid it. Then I had to do the song and dance with the DMV. Another $50.00 that could have went to my son.
    My ex has prevented visitation and because we had split custody, she denied the older son visitation too. The court said I'd have to come up and file a contempt of court on her. That would cost me about $800.00 and time off work. After 7 years when I thought the boys should live together, I finally went to court. The judge had 35 minutes and most of it was about child support, he never let my son into the court room (14 in Indiana) to hear his wishes. It cost me $2500 counting attorney fees and travel expenses. My youngest son cried the rest of the day. Last year my oldest son died due to malpractice in a hospital. He moved up to be near his little brother and they had almost a year (on weekends) to see each other. She got everything she wanted in the divorce, she could have kept them together, but the court decides.
    So in 2006 I moved to Tennessee and away from Florida. I travel for work, so I would be in and out of Florida and Mexico and Costa Rica and Ecuador. I never changed my FL CDL. I pay child support through Ohio now because that's where my son lives. However, last week, Florida suspended my CDL for not paying them child support. Well, I can't get another license now, so Florida has me over a barrel and there is no way to get around it. I could hire a lawyer, but they lose as much as they win (or more) and they still charge whether they win or lose. I don't mind paying child support, it's all the crap you get when you can't do it by the book.
    What I mean by that is: The economy is in a slump. I lost my house. I live in a 20 year old RV. That is how I can make it and I am not getting rich, just hand to mouth. For those of us who are trying to care for our kids, it is tough! But we don't have some state government sponsored bully to push people around for us! No! When we do work and the customer doesn't pay, or pays late, we can't make a phone call and have their license suspended! Suspending licenses works for people who have the money and just don't pay. But do they ever consider the effect that suspending the license of someone who doesn't have the money is going to have? It's hell! And, it makes you turn into a criminal. To provide for your family, you are forced to break the law, driving while suspended, because you don't have enough money to pay the child support up to date. That's right THROW the baby out with the bathwater! One size fits all (legally) unless you can prove otherwise legally, which means you can afford an attorney (a good one) which means you probably make enough to pay child support, which means you don't understand what its like to have your family torn in two and have to explain to your son that you can't afford to see him this summer because you can't afford the transportation cost, because you sent his mom a big check so she can have some security 60K in the bank and afford riding lessons every week, while I'm keeping my head on a swivel and keeping my eye out for cops, because Florida decided it was time for me to start paying them (even though I haven't lived there in almost 3 years) for child support and have suspended my license. The people at the customer support DO NOT CARE. I quote "THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM". They won't even listen to the Ohio Child support enforcement people.
    Do you need a DL for a moped?

  • Mu
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I hope your reading this. I hope this is part of your reform plan. I am active duty military, and what i have read thus far brings tears to my eyes. I myself am a victim of this same system. The same reason why these previous letters have been written. To All of you who have written something here, i am not a perfect father. Every woman i have ever been with i chose to love with all my heart. But life and no on is perfect. Kids dont ask to come here, they have no choice in the matter. Two people get together and claim they love each other and before you know it, things change and now its Child Support, Alimony and visitation rights. People think that military men make a lot of money...but that is far from the truth. We earn less than some and leave our families to do it sometimes. Medical, Dental is nice...but when you have to pay for it...then its a whole different ball game. By the grace of God im still License could be suspended but hec how would i know? all i know is that my check keeps gettin deduction orders that arent correct. The worst part is there is not much i can do about it. The Military teaches you to be proactive and correct all misfindings...but its hard with the misfinding are out of your control or out of reach. im Just waiting for the day that i have to tell my wife that i dont have any money cause someone at the SDU or CS office or DOR fat fingered a deduction order which has taken all of my check...and you know it would take Forever to get a return cause the system is needs to be revamped...DOR, SDU and CS make two people who might not like each other...hate each other...cause of all the crap they have to do to keep business str8...if you know like i know...before you get angry and put the person on child support...see if you can work it out amongst yourselves first...cause all i know is that once DOR, CSE or SDU get a hold of your will be bigger than its ever been. you know somethings messed up when a person who use to work with this system has a comment on the complaints page! Someone please open your eyes!!!

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