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1 Orlando, FL, United States

It took over 1.5 years for the DOR - Child Support office to even start my case and establish paternity. But now, it's been over 2.5 years and they still haven't finalized the support order. The first order had so many math errors in it, I had to call them on it which raised the support order significantly. And then, without speaking to me or my ex, they sent us both an updated support order for almost $300/mo less than the 2nd order. When I called to ask about this, they told me that they changed his monthly income. When I asked why, the case worker tells me that because my ex lost his job (he quit, voluntarily), he would be awarded the low-income support guidelines which is equivalent to 40 hours a week minimum wage.

The Case Worker refused to contact my ex's place of employment to request his income. They failed to find any income for him that they could use since he's mostly been unemployed. They would not use the most recent income for him that I could prove. They told me that if he didn't come forward with it, they couldn't use it. So they just assume that even though I can prove he makes over 130, 000/yr, that he was only bringing in $1160/month (half of which they claim as deductions).

I informed my case worker that I was making more money and I needed to update my financial information. She told me she wasn't going to accept the information, even though it was in the allowable time to accept new information.

They claimed a deduction at $600/mo which is false. The actual amount he had paid on this deduction was $600/total over the year.

The Florida Statutes say that income of a person would be equivalent to the median income level...nowhere on there does it say minimum wage. The minimum wage they imputed for my ex was the Federal amount which is $7.25 (less than the State minimum wage). I argued this with the Case Worker but she said there was nothing she could do. For Administrative process, they impute Federal wages, while the Judicial method would impute State minimum wage. What?! Why would there be a difference. Again, she couldn't answer my question.

I requested for a hearing. She tells me that I'm not allowed a hearing...only my ex is allowed to request for a hearing.

At this point, I am so beyond outraged at the State of Florida and the system in place currently. The case worker basically told me that they follow their own guidelines and they don't have to follow the Florida Statutes law. How is this fair? I am the only one supporting my child at this point in every way. He's never even attempted to see him or have a relationship with my son. It's ridiculous that the State of Florida can get away with protecting ### like this.

Apr 30, 2014

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