SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Girl Dress / order not filled in time

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I ordered a dress 2/5/10 thinking it was plenty of time for a dess to be shipped to me. on 3/23/10 i had an online chat, (because you cant actaully talk to someone) to check on my order when I was told first tehy couldnt find my order and they could not tel me when I should expect my dress. I followed up on 3/31/10 checking status of my order, and again i was told tehy couldnt find my order. howver, I had an email confimration taht my money was sent and my order was received by them! after i sent them my confirmation, then they only were able to tell me that my dress will ship in 3 days. after 1 week i went online again to check status, only to be told AGAIN tehy could find my order, so i sent my confirmation AGAIN only to be told it will ship in 1 day. after 2 days, now it being 4/7/10, i went online again, to check my order to be told again they cant find my order, and AGAIN i had to send my confirmation AND proof taht I paid, to be told my dress will ship in 3 DAYS! now they say it is to late for a refund, be cause my dress is 'almost done", but they can not prove taht my dress is actaully being made! so i am 3 weeks away from the wedding and I HAVE NO DRESS! DO NOT SHOP FLORASDRESSES.COM!!! NEVER EVER EVER !!! BEWARE!


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