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Floral Originals By Gregory Scotte / Buyers be aware!

1 8634 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
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November 12, 2007 I ordered a "Thank You" bouquet for my co-worker. The "Thank You" bouquet was to be a six roses mixed colors orange and yellow, the arrangement was to be in a gold vase with thank you on the front. Instead, she received a lavender and white forget-me-nots and a lavender vase with thank you on the front. After the delivery I immediately contacted Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte. The representative that answered the phone told me that they were the answering service for Gregory Scotte and could send a email regarding my incorrect order. So the representative sent the email and advised me that a representative from Floral Original by Gregory Scotte would contact me back with a resolution. I never received a call. The next day November 13, 2007 the delivery person contacted the recipient desk phone and instructed her to bring the incorrect order (flowers) to the front of the lobby for pickup. The delivery person pick-up the incorrect flower order, however never replaced the flowers. So now, not only did the surprise of getting flowers were ruined but she didn't have any flowers at all. I could not believe that Floral Original by Gregory Scotte sent a delivery person to retrieve the flowers and, did not replaced them. I immediately called the customer service number back [protected]. This time around I got a representative on the line stating that she was appalled that the flowers were picked-up and there was not a replacement given. This representative went on to say she would request for a refund and I would be not be charged for the purchase. She stated I would receive a call from Gregory Scotte florist to confirm the course of action. Of course I never received a callback. The next day I checked my online banking statement to see that I was over-charged for my purchase. Yes, the flowers that the recipient did not have at all now! The cost of the purchase with tax was $49.47, however I was charged $59.47. I then called for the 3rd time to the customer service center. I explained what happened all over again and I was told that a email would be sent to Gregory Scotte florist and I would receive a callback. By this time this sounds oh so familiar right? Just as I expected I never received a callback. So I said well maybe that will refund me over the weekend. Wishful thinking I guess, today is November 19, 2007 and I still do not have a refund and still do not have the flowers, and still I was over-charged for this purchase. I called today for the 4th time and spoke with Susan. She stated to me that there is nothing they can do because the customer service number is only a answering service. They only send information via electronic feed or email to Gregory Scotte's florist and request for a callback. At this point I'm livid! I requested for a supervisor, Jeremy comes on the line. Jeremy is the supervisor of this so called answering service team of folk that don't know anything but how to compose emails. Jeremy tells me that he don't know what the protocol is when there is a issue and there isn't a direct number to contact Floral Original by Gregory Scotte. The only thing he could do was send a email. My question at this point is who takes accountability for this mess up? I've never in my life had this much push back for customer satisfaction. I now stuck with a charge and no product. I will never order through FTD or Floral Original by Gregory Scotte again! And I will sure pass on this experience so that other consumers will be well aware.

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  • Ma
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    If you're a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR, perhaps you will get decent service from this company. If you're just an average person, don't expect any special treatment. Don't even expect your order to be fulfilled!

    I ordered a birthday bouquet for my 82 year old aunt. It was supposed to be delivered... ON HER BIRTHDAY! It was not.

    I called customer service that night and they apologized and said I would HAVE A REFUND BY THE END OF THE NEXT DAY. I also asked them to please contact my aunt and apologize. They said they would.


    The "local florist" that they contract with, called my aunt from their truck 2 days later and said, "We have a bouquet we would like to deliver." My aunt said, "It's too late, my birthday is over and my niece has asked for a refund." They said, "We have nothing to do with the dispute between Gregory Scotte and your niece. We would like to deliver the flowers."

    I have called customer service 8 times to request my refund. They ALWAYS assure me that I will be contacted by "someone" and that they realize my ORDER WAS NOT FULFILLED!



  • Do
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    I don't understand how places like this are allowed to stay in business. Further more I don't understand how FTD allows them to use their logo and their reputation!

  • Va
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    Floral Original by Gregory Scotte - Very poor customer service
    Floral Original by Gregory Scotte
    8634 Wilshire Blvd
    Beverly Hills
    United States

    I ordered flowers via on 6-29-08 for delivery on 6-30-08. As of 7-3-08 no responce to calls to the 1-888 number and no return calls. Beware of this contractor of FTD. I will keep posted. Very Poor service.

  • An
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    I placed an order for flowers for a funeral in the amount of $125. I was guaranteed they would be delivered by 2pm the next day, which was also the day of the wake. When I arrived at the funeral home I was mortified to see that there were no flowers from our family that I had ordered form Floral Originals!!! I called Floral originals that evening to complain and was told by a rep that someone would call me back the next day. No one ever called. I called twice a day for 10 days, being promised the same thing each time by a nice rep. I still have not heard a word from the company and would NEVER use them again!!! What an awful experience and especially for a funeral!!! Do they have no compassion?

  • An
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    does anyone know what recourse we have? calling the better business bureau? calling the attornery general?

  • Be
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I placed an order for a birthday in the amount of $66.94. I was also guaranteed they would be delivered the following day. When the flowers were not delivered, I called and spoke with a woman who said she would find out why the flowers were not delivered and would e-mail me an answer! When two days passed, I called back to cancel the order and asked for a refund. I was told Christina(the supervisor), was not in and what time to call back. I called back the same day near 4 pm to find out she did not come into work. I called the following day near 4 pm and she was not there. I have not heard from Christina, Gregory or his mama!!!



  • Up
      11th of May, 2009
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    I ordered flowers for my mother, for Mothers Day. They were supposed to be delivered by Saturday. The flowers were not delivered. My account was charged twice. When I called the 888 number on my order confirmation, I reached an answering service that said they could only take a message. I did not get a call back. Calls since that time yield a busy signal.

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